WTT Flashlight Trading Topic [EU]

I was considering a new light, but then i thought, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to trade a light?

There must be many people around here who have lots of lights, which are just collecting dust, and where other people might be interested in.

So therefore i would like to try a ‘Big Flashlight Trade Topic’

If anyone has a light willing to trade, or looking for a specific light, do not look any further and place your interests here.

Curious to see the results !


Chibim has made this nice google form to make things a lot easier

Here is a Google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10tWVJDev-P3PrPuoz4OquJT5PrCO8tOYSMf_HVuP6-0/edit?usp=sharing

Maybe Yokiamy could Embed that in the  OP?


This is the script: <iframe src=“https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQRhV-TL2nYO-GMHdq1GoexOJ5U7DtyIqnEh9raVf-rDANPbp6ucz_DxJpYRCLgHlp8YUVqaYtUaLlQ/pubhtml?gid=0&amp;amp;single=true&amp;amp;widget=true&amp;amp;headers=false”\></iframe>

Been suggested many times before and there are many threads (I started one too) but there was no interest, at least when I did it.

Thanks for the info, did not realize you already made a topic earlier

It’s ok lol, I think it’s a good idea, but sadly people just didn’t bother. I even opened it up to ‘anything’ but that didn’t help!
I still have my old copper tool I’d like to trade, maybe a few other bits.
Unlikely though it is, I’d like a d4v2 or a mf01 mini…….

i like this idea :+1:
wil take a good look at my collection to see what i could traid (when i have some free time :person_facepalming: )

The copper tool is interesting

I never entered these threads as looking to my flashlight collection, in this case the lights that I don’t use much, I never found one that was pristine enough to trade, nor any that I wouldn’t see me using at all :zipper_mouth_face: Even if I don’t touch them for a while.

Still, I will keep this thread in mind in case I find something that is tradeable :+1:

Interesting, looking for something specific?

what other flashlights have you god buddy

Here is one more thread created by ChibiM. Maybe you’ll find something interesting there.

The bit I hate is I never know what to ask for stuff……
I also have a fandyfire stl - v6 that has been modded with a new driver and MT-G2 Thread if anyone is interested
Maybe combine that and the copper tool for something? I’m more into little rockets now than throwers, The BLF GT I suppose may be up for trade/sale too, or sale, though even it’s a shelf queen I’d miss it lol!
Whats’ that worth?


The thing is, emotional it might be worth even more than someone is willing to pay for.
I sold my GT as well, almost got what i paid for it, so minor loss.
It was collecting dust, but sometimes i still miss it.

I have a L21a with 2mm white flat which i dont use, it needs some attention, focusing is still suboptimal, it looks like the wires are too close to the reflector.

Interesting topic!
What I want to trade:
Amutorch JM70, Rofis R1,…
Both comes with original box and accesoires.
Lights used for Max 10 minutes, no kidding :smiley:
No scratches on it, both as new

looking for something specific?

Not really, but I like headlights and right angle lights

What I can trade also:
Emisar D1S, emisar d4v1, both as good as new with all assecoires and original box

Maybe overload is willing to trade his D1s, that’s a beautiful light, unfortunately discontinued by Hank.

Color Matte Black
Led & Tint Neutral White - XP-L HI V2 3A, 5000K

What do you mean with “does button tops work”?

Sorry, didn’t thought about batteries…
My Panasonic NCR18650B Button Top’s are to long, tailcap can’t be tighten fully
I’ve got some Nitecore button tops somewhere, gonna try them when I’m at home

I’ve tried several button tops, but the only one that works is the grey trustfire 2500mah.This one is a little bit shorter then the others

Sorry mate, not really interested in that