Still got the whole package and except for the dust it’s in mint condition, well the light anyway the box not so but still good. Got lanyard,clip and extra o-rings, even the manual is still there.

It has the 2button switch so I guess people who would like to use the MELD-X RGBW driver might be interested.

I got more than enough lights but I’m looking for programming hardware:
USBasp V2.0 programmer
Pomona 5250 SOIC clip
40-pin Splittable Ribbon Cable
plus other stuff used/needed for modding flashlights.

I might consider trading it for a convoy S2+ if I can’t find someone to trade for other stuff.
I’m located in Belgium.


This is my new favorite bedside light. It will make somebody very happy.



really nobody interested?? open to all kinds of trade…