WUBEN E19 high CRI Value Penlight

is a high CRI value penlight, delicate and compact, very suitable for you to carry around every day.

High CRI value light is a must for some special jobs, such as emergency medical technician, electrical engineer, jobs that requires you make decisions based on colors in dimly lit screnarios.

WUBEN E19 is powered by 2 PCS AAA batteries, emits as high as 200 lumens output with 4 output levels to satisfy illumination demand for many scenarios.


  1. NICHIA 219C High CRI Value LED—Eyes friendly and safe.
  2. Ergonomics construction design—Offer you a comfortable holding experience.
  3. Tailcap switch—Locate the switch easily even in the dark.

Sounds nice.
But why not equip it with Nichia 219B R9080 to go all the way to CRI98?

This is anecdotal but for medical use the highly rosy emitters like 219B and E21A (lower flux bins at least) don’t show skin as accurately, especially with eyes adapted to less-rosy area lighting. Low duv definitely makes skin looks more flushed to me, just comparing some different lights of the same CCT and CRI/R9 back and forth.

The real bummer is a lowest mode of 2.5lm, that’s still way brighter than the little incan penlights I have had optometrists use on me and I think it would be uncomfortable.

Looks interesting. I might consider one for my CNA niece.

Is it available yet?

When I do an internet search, this thread is the only result that comes up.

What is the UI?

Mode memory?

Mode sequence?

2.5, 10, 50 and 200? Wow, that’s something you don’t see too often, especially in a 2 AAA light. I like it, 4 very useable, utilitarian output levels with no useless half of the time moonlight mode getting in the way. Has my interest!

I’m pleased that this unit actually has appropriately positioned, highly useful knurling.

FWIW, excerpt from my latest Amazon Deals Post:

The Wuben E19 penlight is on sale for $14.84 at Amazon.com with code 7DJ3B9AA. Features:

  • Emitter: Nichia 219c
  • CRI: >90
  • Color Temperature: 4000 K
  • Max Output: 200 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance: 55 m
  • Max Runtime: 80 hrs
  • Battery: 2*AAA
  • Modes: H (200 ->40 lm), M (50 lm), L (10 lm), Eco (2.5 lm)
  • Special Mode: SOS (hidden, tap three times to activate)
  • Mode Memory
  • Length: 140 mm
  • Bezel Diameter: 14.8 mm
  • Tube Diameter: 14.8 mm
  • Weight: 23 gm, 48 gm with batteries
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Gold Plated springs
  • SMO reflector
  • Coated toughened glass

Code complements of DealNews.

I just ordered 5 for $14.84 each with that Amazon code - thanks for sharing it. I hope that we like them.

I like the mode spacing and the UI is good enough.

At 5.5”, it’s a bit longer than preferred for a shirt pocket, but hopefully it doesn’t feel too long in actual use.

I didn’t find any reviews of this light online.

I’ll be really pleased and impressed, if the listed run times are anywhere near that in real life.

These would potentially replace a few Sofirn SF02 that I’ve given out. I hope that the switch is easy enough for my older brother with weak thumbs to use - the SF02 is too firm.

I’m wondering why she would be happy with such a light.
If the lumen fit the job she only needs 2.5lm and 10lm. The other settings are just trouble.

The efficiency for medical use, looks not so good.
50x13 = 650 lm/h
10x34 = 340 lm/h
2.5x80= 200 lm/h

50 lumen with isn’t needed for medical use, is over 3x more efficiënt than 2.5 lumen.
50 lumen with isn’t needed for medical use, is nearly 2x more efficiënt than 10 lumen.

So by the looks of it, a medical professional is better of with a light optimized for the lower settings. (with the higher settings absent or hidden)

The photo shows a man wearing the light in his shirt. Looks a bit top heavy to me. A 1 cell light is better for such use. Even a 1xAA or 1x14500 would be better.

$14.84 would be an acceptable price for this Wuben E19…
(Unfortunately I’m unable to order via Amazon.)

Checking their AliExpress store, it’s listed for $26.98.


I just received my Wuben E19 from Amazon and took measurements using the Texas Ace Lumen Sphere calibrated with Maukka lights and Sekonic C-800-U

Mode 1
Output: 2 lumens
CCT: 4009K
Duv: –0.0010
Ra (CRI): 94.8
R9: 78.6
R12: 69.6
Rf: 88
Rg: 97

Mode 2
Output: 5 lumens
CCT: 4032K
Duv: –0.0008
Ra (CRI): 94.6
R9: 77.6
R12: 69.4
Rf: 88
Rg: 97

Mode 3
Output: 23 lumens
CCT: 4070K
Duv: –0.0004
Ra (CRI): 94.2
R9: 75.5
R12: 69.1
Rf: 88
Rg: 97

Highest Mode
Output: 204lumens
CCT: 4133K
Duv: 0.0016
Ra (CRI): 92.2
R9: 64.8
R12: 68.7
Rf: 89
Rg: 98

I am surprised the tint is less green/yellow (negative DUV) at the lowest output.

That’s just the way 219c behaves, completely opposite of 219b.

edit: shouldn’t this thread be in the commercial section?

Thanks for that info SKV89.

I also received mine today. I didn’t think there was much difference between the first two modes - I could barely tell when I switched between the two.

I was wondering if medium was actually 50 lumens.

The light feels good in the hands.

The switch will take some getting used to - feels a bit odd when switching between modes. But, it’s easy to turn on/off, so my older brother with weak thumbs should be able to activate it okay.

Amazon won’t let me order more than one. :rage:

Bummer. I ordered 5, but they came from different warehouses and took a couple extra days.