Wuben F5 - Fill / Camping Light - 5700K, 4500K, 3000K

Dunno if this is the right category, but Wuben have a (new?) camping light.

Powered by 2 built-in 18650. Doesn’t look readily user replaceable but you never know?

No mention of LEDs nor CRI.

Only video I found on it:

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Company website Wuben Official Store | Led Flashlight

MSRP is $70 but it is readily available online for $40 including at the company website. Personally I wouldn’t be interested in something with so many uses. That adds to the complexity and I can buy a similar power bank for a fraction of that price. I recently picked up a 5200 mAh reJUICE battery pack with a rather wussy LED light for less than a dollar at Goodwill. It sells for $14 brand new. I prefer to use one of the $10 round LED tent lights that are powered by a 18650 battery. It gives plenty of light and you can switch batteries. It’s a lot lighter than the half pound F5. The reJUICE battery pack weighs 4.77 ounces.

Looks like I’m the only one that found this product interesting :blush:

I just snatched one off Amazon. Hoping to be able to get into it to replace the cells but, even if I can’t I have a bunch of uses for it. If it’s good I will gladly order another.

Excellent. Look forward to hearing how it performs.

Definitely interested to see some reviews or more details from the manufacturer. This could be a solid light if the batteries are removable, the CRI is avove 90 and the UI is intuitive! It sure looks stylish, great ano colours too…
I’m only worried about the claimed 500hrs stand-by, that only comes out to about 20 days. If it really drains the batteries dead in that short a time just sitting around that would be a total deal breaker!

Looks really nice, but it’s a bit above my ideal price-point, even at 40. Not saying that it’s not worth it, but I’m hip-deep in powerbanks already, have a few cheepcheepcheep little cheeken fill-lights and lanterns, that I probably couldn’t justify the need for me.

If it’s built right, etc., that’d be a big plus.

I love it,minus the built in battery. A pair of 3400-3600 Panasonic 18650s would be fantastic
I would pay 5-10 bucks more for modern higher end batteries

Where can I find this all over for 40$ ?

Any update ? is it regulated? How is general quality? Ever put real batteries in it?
ANY info would be great. Need something soon

Looks cool and I cerainly like the tripod mount. Too bad it’s not AA powered, however.

It can be replaced with soldering at two points (or cutting the existing cables and rewiring them).