WUBEN Flashlight: Hong Kong Electronics Fair

Welcome to visit.

Booth:Hall 1,1A-E10 Apr 13-16th

I wish I could go. Interesting one of your product “T102” and this WUBEN务本强光手电筒实参750流明XPLV5. How much ship to Thailand?

Look at all those non black lights in the first picture… Would love to see a close up…

T102 is 120$, I'm thinking to do a group buy soon, 40-50% off.

You can visit www.wubenlight.com

Hi Wuben light,

Yesterday my third Wuben arrived and I`m happy with it :slight_smile: .

I`m very interested in the groupbuy for the T102…. :money_mouth_face:


Glad to hear.

very nice booth with cool products

Could you also consider a group buy on I-series lights. I don’t know if anybody else dig them but I think they look cool.