Wuben G2 Keychain light

Review was made possible by FlashlightBrand.com . ( As in sent for review )

So , a while ago I used to test / review flashlights . I was a FLashaholic !
At any one time I may have had 10 or 20 flashlights ready to rock N roll ! I only have half a dozen ready to R&R , or there about’s now . I dont have a clue how many hundred flashlights I own and dont want to know ! Like the US army says , we wont ask and you dont have to tell ! ( how many flashlights you own )
But flashlightbrand reached out and asked me to do a review !

The Wuben G2 is a Keychain Light designed along the lines ( to me ) , a little like a mobile phone . So is some what distinctive from your regular run of flashlights and some what familiar to mobile phoneaholics .

Lets start with Charging :

The included charging cable is on the short side , but the Wuben G2 is nice and light so should not put any strain on the cable .
As the light came the battery was empty . Charge current was around 0.33A to 0.35A ( amps ) and after some 45 minutes the charging had ended . As reported by the USB charge meter that shows charge current . The charge rate does appear to be very CC and to be fair I haven’t watched it like a hawk . But every time I looked it was 0.33 or 0.35 amps or finished with no charge current . It’s really good to not see a insane charge current for such a small light , which should help battery life .

User interface :

On one side of the light there is the USB charge port and on the other side ( top of the light ) is the on off button .
A) Press and hold to turn on the light , takes about one second .
B) To change modes , press and hold the on off button after the light has been turned on . Holding the button down when starting the light will do nothing .
C) Press and hold to cycle through the light levels ( 4 ) .
D) To turn the light off , just a quick press and release .
E) What mode / light level you turn the light off in , is the mode / light level the G2 will start in .
F) Turbo Mode … ( Turbo ) … Ok , if for some reason you need Turbo Mode ? Turn on the light , a quick double tap on the on off switch will activate Turbo mode .
To exit Turbo
A) press and hold to exit turbo mode but still have the light on
B) A quick click to turn the light off … After which the light will start in your preferred mode .

The UI ( user interface ) is very intuitive and easy to use ( for me ) . Small children and the elderly might ( might ) find it challenging , especially if their dexterity is already declining . But for the average Joe or Joline six pack , there should be no issue at all . You cant really feel the on off button , but you know where it is and pressing that spot works every time . So there is no button tell ! There is just the knowing . You know where it is and you know where to press .
Turbo mode ? The light is made from plastic and from reading / watching several other reviews …… People have commented on the light getting warm / hot with extended High / Turbo use … I would suggest that if you need something for extended use (?) , get a flashlight !

The design :

Did I mention this keychain light reminds me of a mobile phone , you kind of hold it like a mobile phone . So I guess for millions of people , they should be quite comfortable with this design . The big selling point for me is the CLIP ! It allows you to attach the G2 to your shirt / jacket / pocket ( what ever ) , pointed in the direction you need light leaving your hands free . Actually I really like that . And the G2 is light enough so as to not annoy the living hell out of you as your moving about ( I really like that ) . I have a great headlamp sent to me for review , love that thing for putting light where it’s needed . Just one little fly in the ointment !
It’s heavy enough to slap me as I move about … That can really tick me off sometimes . The G2 weighs so little , it wont happen ! Slap it in a headband and use it as a work light .

Conclusion :

Can I draw a conclusion ?
A) I like the UI
B) I like the light levels ( 4 ) The Turbo is nice / it pumps / butt! Does it need to be there ? Something for other people to decide !
C) It is made from plastic … But I don’t see the problem as this is supposed to fill the role of a keychain light , this I suppose means occasional and limited use ! If you need a flashlight , buy a flashlight !
D) Will it run for a long time , sure , why not ! Just drop the light level so as to avoid temperature issues .
E) Do I like the G2 , actually , yes I do . I have been using two Keychain Nitecores as house lights ( emergency ) for several years now . And I always fumble a little with the switches . ( Just a little ) This G2 will live next to my bed from now on , the UI is just so easy … Perfect for when you wake from your slumber , the power is out and the lights wont turn on and you need to tinkle ! ( Hmmmm = Hands Free )

I would like to thank FlashlightBrand for sending the G2 for review . I was not sure I would like the G2 or find a use for it , but having it in my hands and using it . I can’t help but find more and more purpose for the G2 .

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