WUBEN T70 4200 Lumens Flashlight

What do you think? Hot or not? :slight_smile:
A21 Apollo has the beautiful sister now.
Let’s call it T70 Artemis :smiley:


Looking good

But I would like a lower Low

T70 has the stepless dimming function.
The MSRP is US$118.

i say pointless as the lumens on highest cant run for very long ? they should be honest about the turbo runtime and not just write 2 hours total…

Totally agree that all manufacturer’s should be honest if they want to compete with premium brands like Acebeam and Olight that list the turbo runtimes.

IMHO there is the FL1 standard and they wrote what they should.
Good enough there is a plot. We can read that the turbo mode lasts 3 minutes. Nothing but heat won’t let you turn it again. Or a stepless dimming.

BTW. I like it. Do you want the Group Buy? I can tell with them. What price is acceptable for you? PM me or write here. With 10 persons, we could get a very good price.

how low can you get with ramping? is it still 40 lumens at the lowest ramp?


Ramping takes a lot of time ! I measured 6.50 seconds from the lowest to the highest levels!
The lowest level on ramping is similar to the lowest level on the “regular” modes!

that would be annoying.

what i’m really asking is, since it does not have a standard level below 40 lumens, can you use ramping to get below that?


Hum, I am not 100% sure, so I will confirm later, but I guess that the lowest level is exactly the same on ramping and regular modes.
I cannot measure it with accuracy, but I will try to use the luxmeter to check the “intensity”. I’ll let you know later!

yes - a relative check would be fine

i’ve got a thorfire ramping light, and i’m pretty sure you can go below the lowest regular mode, using the ramping


So, I’ve checked the output of the lowest level of ramping and the lowest level of the regular modes an they both have the same “output” (let’s say +/-177 Lux at 1,5m).
I also checked one doubt that I had, that is the highest output: both ramping and regular modes highest levels reach the same outputs (ex: + 1000 (x10) lux at 1,5m)

DISCLAIMER: These are just relative and non scientific measurements, just for this explanation!