Wuben T70 (XHP70.2, nw) vs Nitecore EA41 (XM-L2 U2, cw) New generation LED vs. Old, Neutral vs. Cool, cell tests on posts 5, 6

Hi guys,

Today I got hold of my first XHP70.2 led light, and I just want to find out how far the new led technology has evolved since 2015, the year the EA41 appeared.

This is not to show which throws farther or anything, but just to show observations between old and new leds available today, smooth vs. orange-peel reflectors and Neutral and Cool white tint leds.

The Nitecore EA41 has XM-L-2 U2 led and is rated at 1,020 lumens, cool white and a smooth reflector. (4 x AA)

The new Wuben T70 has the latest XHP70.2 led and is rated at 4,200 lumens, neutral white with an orange peel reflector (26650 x 1 with type-C fast-charge recharging capability).

The puny XM-L2 U2 beside the latest darling XHP70.2:

Relatively fast charging using the current new charging connector type-C

Dual tail-cap springs on the Wuben T70:

Control Shot:

Nitecore EA41, 35Kcd, smooth reflector, cool white (xm-l2-u2)

Wuben T70 (neutral white) 15Kcd, orange peel reflector (XHP70.2)

Look at how the T70’s XHP70.2 NW brings out the details of the subject , IMO, a perfect combination with an orange-peel reflector, a gloriously smooth, wide hotspot of neutral white led goodness. Both shots at 60ft (18mt) away.

Even the packaging is impressive:

Nice :wink: Thanks for the comparison!
That NW tint is surely smoother than the one from the Nitecore :wink:


Thanks for the nice comparison! Last night I just happen to order an ea41 in nw. Been also thinking about the wuben t70 but I have three odf30c now and that may be enough little flooders for awhile.

I checked the Wuben T70’s oem 26650 cell and displayed an IR of 72mOhm, and on its way to being fully-charged for a Discharge test.

Next, I will discharge it to 2.80v at 7A, the highest discharge rate my iCharger can handle and see what happens, and how much capacity will it give.

Stay tuned!

Edit: iCharger ready and waiting for the cell to be fully-charged for a Discharge test… set to terminate at 2.80v @ 7A rate:

Edit: Discharge test started; 7a rate is not accepted, iCharger will only allow 4.0 of Discharge rate…even if set at 7A:

Edit: Discharge Current goes up to 4.4a as cell’s voltage slowly depletes after 10min, 43sec.:

Edit: 4.9a after 30min, 2,269mAh:

Edit: 5.1a after 40min, 3,115mAh:

Edit: Discharge ‘Done’ at 55min, 30sec, average Discharge Rate: 4.5A, Discharge Capacity: 4,422mAh (not bad for an oem cell Discharged continuously at a minimum of 4.0A to a high of 5.1A! (the 3.37v is the resting voltage, after a ‘bounce back’, of the cell after it was set to terminate discharging at 2.80v)

Perhaps Wuben re-wrapped a decent Medium-drain 26650 cell and is actually enough for the T70’s power draw requirement.

Tomorrow I will do another Discharge test, this time at a rate of 2.5a in the same hobby charger, and see how much capacity difference, if any, exist.

Edit, one day later: This test will tell us how much Discharge capacity difference between a cell that has been Charged relatively Fast (2.5a) then Discharged at an average of 4.5a, and from a cell that has been Charged slowly (.3A, using my MiBoxer C4-12, set manually, rested about 8 hours, resting voltage: 4.14v), then Discharged @ 2.5A:

Edit: 1min, 42sec from starting point of the 2.5a Discharge test:

Edit: 1hour later: 2,526mAh

Edit: at 1hr., 46min, the Discharge session already stopped, showing ‘Done’ at only 4,444mAh! So surprisingly an increase of only 22mAh from last night’s ‘torture test’ result of 4,422mAh!

It looks that the oem rating of 5,000mAh is about 600mAh over-rated, but still capable of continuous 5A load, which I believe is good enough for the light’s requirement.