Wurkkos FC11 with PD charging - Got it Wurkking!

Well kinda wurkking... and I need help from you EE gurus.

So I added two 5.1 K Ohm resistors to my Wurkkos FC11 - see them on the two middle "CC" posts bridging to ground in this image:

And the great part is that I can make the charging lights light up and it will draw current from a PD charger through a c-to-c cable:

BUT... it's intermittent for some reason. The charging lights (and indeed the ammeter I use to test) go on for a few seconds and then turn off and the cycle continues. It is delivering a charge - just on-and-off.

So far I have yet to cook anything. The PD charger will still fast-charge my phone and an a-to-c cable will still charge the light!

Anyone have any thoughts as to what's going on?

Answered on reddit, but seeing the pinout of this 12 pins connector I think you don’t have the resistors on the right pins.

Aside from that I’m curious about the teardown process, as I wanted to do the same.

Saw that and thanks! so its a 6 pin layout here

It’s apparently for power only because it only has the pins needed for power supply a) Ground pins 1 and 6 b) V+ pins 2 and 5 and c) CC pins 3 and 4 (the middle two)

It’s ideal because the pins are big enough to solder onto (barely bro this shit is SMALL)

So ideally the two resistors signal the PD supply to deliver 5vdc and up to 3a.

The weird thing is it DOES. But there are odd behaviors that ensue like in this case my PD supply was switching on and off.

I’m thinking my soldering job might be wonky at the pin side and as current flows through the resistors to do the signaling I might be getting a gap.

That must be it.

But what the hell do I know I’m PRPLXT! But I do have a dream and that dream involves making PD chargers work on flashlights.

Interesting… I really need to find the time to tear apart my FC11

that sounds good :person_with_crown:

If you except from cheap chinese flashlight to support PD protocol. No way :slight_smile:
Most of that USB-C powered flashlights just used 5V VBUS voltage to charge battery. They not support at all QC 2.0 or QC 3.0, same as PD. Also PD need to communicate with charged device to send commands to charger via CC pins. So in your case charger don’t know what to do. Just use regular QC2.0/3.0 or 5V output USB charger. They will work without problem.

Now I understood you try to force charger to work in 5V 3A mode with that resistors if I am right?
Something similar problem is discussed over Ti forum

I don’t want them to support the PD protocol. I want it to charge off a PD charger through a C-to-C cable. AND I’m willing to pay for it. I’d get the Fenix PD36R or the Magicshine Mod 20 (both support PD charging) but they’re too big for my taste.

I’m the OP and yes I did it with my Wurkkos FC11 and it’s been working great. I added the two resistors and aside from tricky soldering I got it to reliably charge in 5V 3A mode. I could be wrong but it looks like it steps down amperage as voltage increases during charging and at the end of the charging cycle it shows a green indicator and amperage drops to zero.

And best of all it works great and charges from any PD charger I try.

Supporting PD charging costs literally pennies and makes charging an EDC light very convenient in a household that has moved past USB-a.

Are you saying you were able to get past the intermittent charging? Did you just resolder those resistors?

Thanks for posting this info up. How-to’s like this are part of what make this community great.