Wurkkos HD01 review

So first off, this is apparently my kids’ light now. Between the laser, rainbow, and the “one that looks like colorful water” it’s an easy win. Unfortunately the UI isn’t navigable by young children so that’s a thing.

Next to fc13 for size comparison:

That said, it is a fairly simple UI. There’s 2 button, top button controls the side lights and laser, bottom button is no-nonsense flashlight only.

UI is as follows:

  1. Side light (top button)
    A)1h: single color RGB
    i) From on Hold to change color
    ii) Double click for color blink
    B) 2c: side flood (mode memory)
    i) From on 1h for moon-med-high
    C) 3c: RGB blinkies
    i) From on 2c advance through police, rainbow, color drops

  2. Main light (bottom button)
    A) 1h: moon
    i) From on 1h advances low-med-high
    B) 1c: on (mode memory)
    C) 2c turbo
    D) 3c strobe

  3. Laser
    A) On/off, top button 1c

  4. 4c on either button is lockout, 5c on top button is aux lights.

I find the UI to be fairly intuitive with normal use, so far I haven’t accidentally turboed myself when trying to turn on the flood light but I’m sure it’ll happen eventually.


The laser does have artifacts around it, both speckling and some rays coming off. I don’t find it troublesome, and neither do my children or cat. I can however understand some might want a crisper beam for presentations or something, but for mucking around it’s great. Awesome for stargazing so far! The beam is nice and visible and I haven’t noticed much brightness variation through charge level.

Side RGB:

I don’t light paint but if I did it seems like this would be a decent tool, it scrolls through colors slowly, and is quite bright.

The RGB strobes are ridiculous and we’ve been having a ton of fun with the police strobe around the house, and the rainbow light is more than bright enough to serve as an actual flashlight but casts an off white light (because RGB not white). My kids found if you put it up to a curved reflective surface it looks pretty neat.

Side flood:

This is actually surprisingly nice. The plastic is slightly textured and frosted, and the light it produces is somewhat warm and rosy to my eyes. I wrote earlier it has 3 modes (moonlight, medium, high) and excluded “low” because it really seems to jump in brightness. I think the spacing is really well done, with this much flood you kinda need a lot of light so no “low” is fine. The only dangerous thing is the moonlight mode on this is lower than the main emitter, but there’s no shortcut to moonlight so you have to leave it set, and accessing it is a double click. Again, I haven’t turboed myself yet, but it’s really a waiting game.

Again though, phenomenal quality light on this and you don’t usually see that on those COB style work lights.

Main light:

This is the only underwhelming part of this package, it’s pretty meh. I have no equipment to measure but it’s 5000k+ and clean to green. It’s far more pronounced in the photos than real life, but it’s no 519a dedomed.

It is however plenty bright. They set a temp limit of 60°c so does get toasty on turbo, but I haven’t noticed it getting warm otherwise.

It’s not bad, damn good for the output (certainly no SST40), but it feels like they valued output over tint a bit on this one.

Here’s an unfair comparison of the HD01 vs a 4000k 519a domed vs SFT40 3000k.

Main and side light comparison:

I’m trying to pry the TIR off but not having any luck, I hear it’s a 3535 LED so if I succeed I’m going to pop a 519a 4000k DD in and will update with pictures. This light was provided for the review so I WILL be opening it if only to know how to do it the second time.

General thoughts:

Build quality is wurkkos standard: good. I don’t notice a rattle or anything loose, the corners are present but not sharp, the clip is stiff in a good way. There’s also no tab on the USB cover, instead a little cut out so no snagging on pants! Nice touch. Oh and there’s a magnet in the back! And it’s fairly strong too.

All photos WB locked at 5000k.

This is obviously on Olight Arkfeld Pro clone. It has better CRI and a standard USB-C charge port instead of Olight’s proprietary magnetic charger, but the RGB side light is gimmicky and less useful than the Arkfeld’s UV LED. The size is also smaller than the Arkfeld, which is nice. The green laser is not as tightly focused, which is a shame.

Yeah unabashed arkfeld take, and the RGB is pure gimmick, but that’s why I led with how much my kids like it. Totally useless but holy moly is it a hit, I really didn’t expect that.

Though you do get the single color side output, the artist types may enjoy that with light painting. I’m just keeping it on red for story time ambiance lol.

I agree about the lack of UV being unfortunate, with the UV I think it would be more useful for some people as a dedicated work light. But my guess is if you need UV you’ll probably want something more powerful anyway.

And it is half the price, even if sold out

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