Wurkkos HD20 519a 5000k dedomed + review

I very recently got a Wurkkos HD20 and swapped both channels to 519a 5000k dedomed and want to share.

So first off: I can’t leave well enough alone, and if you’re thinking about getting one of these you may want to leave the throw channel unchanged or at the very least domed, the dedome resulted in a beam with an artifact laden corona due to the square LED (or in my wife’s words “what the f is that? Why does it look like it has 4 LEDs in it?”). I may swap the throw for a 4000k 519a in an attempt to fix that and match the CCT, though the tint would be off. My rationale for using the same LED in both was: the optics really matter more, and I wanted as perfect a tint match as possible, which in retrospect was not the right priority when the goal was a smooth beam when both are channels on.

I didn’t get a picture of the original beam and instead chose war, but the original LEDs paired well with each other. Flood was floody, spot added a well blended additional focus that I love in a balanced beam. Throw was a little green, flood was dead neutral.

Anyway, disassembly: the top throw channel was straight forward, and the flood channel ended up being surprisingly easy to access, getting the metal press fit bezel out only took a knife edge slowly working around the perimeter. The lens underneath was quite a bit more challenging. I wasn’t able to successfully use a razor or needle to get under an edge, but the o-ring had enough squish I was able to push down on the top near the throw optic and the bottom of the flood lens came up and I was able to pull it out that way, after that the optic just dropped out. Both flood and throw optics have a small opening, so I don’t think a 5050 would fit in there.

Here’s the innards, the flood channel is unsurprisingly shallow, but look at that wee MCPCB! The specs say it’s only around 600 lumen on turbo, so I think not driven hard likely due to that tiny heat transfer surface.

Flood channel is 10mm:

Throw is a bit under 16mm:

Without dome. The more observant will have noticed the +/- mix up, I got a little turned around during the reflow. Both on turbo take a while to heat the light up, on “high” it seems fairly stable.

Flood only:


Spot channel:

The image doesn’t do the artifact ring justice, it’s more present in real life. I may or may not change it, I kinda like the incredible throw it gives now.

As far as this light as a headlamp goes: the included strap has one band over the top, another around the circumference of your head and to me feels secure and comfortable. I don’t need it to be tight for the light to be steady.

I went for a 21700 headlamp because I have a sofirn hs10, but found that it wasn’t quite lasting a “whole job” worth of time. This fella is FET so not efficient, but at a little over 6 times the capacity that hardly matters. The big draw for me to this particular light was 1) dual channel and 2) powerbank! I lose power a lot, so really value any source of additional energy, and from a 21700 all the better. I wasn’t bothered by the weight and neither was my 4yo after 20 minutes.

The UI is 4c for lockout, 1c on/off, 1h from off for “dim” (I wouldn’t call it a true “moonlight”, 3c OR 2h from on for channel switch, 2c for turbo and 2c from turbo to cycle through strobe-sos-beacon. It has mode memory L-M-H in that order and they’re well spaced to me. It’s no anduril, but functions fine.

Final thoughts: I prefer it with the dedomed tint, a little diffusion film would probably clean the beam up, overall it’s a nice inexpensive work light with a lot of features that I was interested in, and not too difficult to work on if you’re so inclined.

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Ok so I used this headlamp to assist with dusty spiderweb cleaning, and I am now in love with super throw headlamp, no way I’m changing that spotlight now it was incredibly useful. Color me surprised.

Also: I shared this with wurkkos so hopefully they’ll start sending it out with 519a. They shared a 25% off coupon code with me, I feel so special!

Here it is: KO6UW8VL valid through 20th.

Takes the price down to $30, which is less than I got mine for mine.

If you get it and have any trouble or questions about the emitter swap feel free to ask me questions. I feel bad that it didn’t occur to me to take measurements of the cavities/optics, so I’m willing to pop it back open to measure if you want to swap an optic.

Saying that now, it occurs to me a narrow pebbled TIR would really be sweet in the throw channel, I’ll measure that and edit it into the main post.

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Nice mod! I was/am thinking of basicly doing the same with my HD15 headlamp.

I was thinking of swapping both the SST-20 5000K (throw) and LH351D 5000K (wide angle) for 5000K 519A’s, but after doing some comparissons between both LED’s, the green tint is much more present in the LH351D than in the SST-20. Given the more ‘throwy’ characteristics of the SST-20 and the fact that I’m currently using the HD15 mainly for ‘up close work’ (and so I mainly use the ‘wide angle channel’), I will probably leave the SST-20 in.

Given the fact that the construction of the head is quite a bith different than the HD20, with both LED’s on the same rectangular (copper) MCPCB, I have to reflow it with the SST-20 staying on the PCB, so I have to be a bit more carefull.

The 519A 5000K I’m planning to put in it (for the LH351D) will keep it’s dome, just so that it hopefully matches the CCT of the SST-20 as much as possible and also because it’s for the flood channel/TIR anyway, I’m fine with an wider angle anyway.

But congrats with the mod and good to read that you are so happy with it in the end!