【Wurkkos News】New arrival Wurkkos TD01 1000 meters long throw 21700 Tactical Light

Link–【New Release】Wurkkos TD01 Powerful 2200LM/1039M Tactical Flashlight, Waterproof IPX8 USB C Rechargeable EDC Torch with Tail Switch 2 Groups
20% code working now–FANS
Emitter: 1x Luminus SFT40
Switch Type: Tactical Tail Switch and Side Switch
TIR Lens
Operating voltage: 3.0 V – 4.2V
Battery options: 1x 21700 Li-Ion battery
Dimension: 152mm (length) x 59mm (head diameter)
Weight: 200 ±1 gram (without battery)

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Anyone has a link to the Amazon US site ?

This gets you there.


That still a lot of moola , even with the discount

ordered with amazon. de. Thanks!

I do not dive, but a dual 26650 light that is very waterproof might still be handy. OTDP for me after Coupon and taxes was 77.03. Since it comes with batteries, if they are decent, it is a fairly good price. 13000 lumens max with ATR that is not on a timer. I think I will like this one. It also has decent throw of 505 meters max, but not really a thrower. I have been fairly impressed by some of my wurkkos lights.

I’m really curious how does it compare to my 11k lm Astrolux EA01S with 4x xhp50.2 and 15k lm MF01s. Hope that it could be my ultimate outdoor flashlight, always packet in my backpack.

I have both the EA01S and the MF01S too. I suspect the greater mass will result in this hanling heat better, should equal the EA01S, be slightly less max output than the MF01S for a short time, because that MF01S gets insanely hot quickly. The MF01S is a heck of a flood light while it can deliver all 15k though. I actually added a grip via the side tripod mount to use it without discomfort. That light gets hot!!!

I’m reviewing this light and I will say it’s really nice even for on land use. As broght or brighter than my ft02s xhp50.2 5700k with a lot of thermal mass. It heats up only moderately after a minute on turbo, which beats all but my fan cooled lights. Under water it would run til the cells dumped without throttling.

8 think it’s a great buy for under $80. Get the bundle for the batteries also.

thanks for sharing your experience with this light, can’t wait to put my hands on it. Mine is 500m away from me at post office, but they doesn’t work on weekends :zipper_mouth_face:

Sure thing. Ah bummer! One day til Monday though. I think you’ll like it.

The DL70 code at amazon.de is not working, maybe discontinued?

Code not working at Amazon.US

Code not working Amazon US

yesterday I received DL70. I’m really impressed with build quality and 4x XHP50.2 power. I really like the tint, something about 5700K.

Below you can find my video with beamshots.

Is this a better flashlight then the Sofirn SD01 ?

Depends on your definition of better. It’s a lot bigger, heavier, takes 2x26650, but is a lot brighter. I got almost 12,000 lumens at turn on. It holds high output about like a ft02s set to 60 C on air cooling.

will update a new code soon

I am interested when the code becomes available