【Wurkkos News】New arrival Wurkkos TD01 1000 meters long throw 21700 Tactical Light

Last year i got my BF Fasttech order near the end of January.
Such is life, as long as i get it i’m not too concerned.

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VJZYVO6L would you please try this one

Are the 18650 batteries protected ?

I went on to the wurrkos.com website . It shows the FC12 in purple at $23.99

If you click on it the price becomes $39.98 .

What’s up with that ?

Ordered on the 12th, arriving tomorrow.

18 days from order date….I’ll take that!

I’m expecting January for BF orders :smiley:
I hope to be pleasantly surprised :partying_face:

Just received a TS21 in RED w/sst20 4000K. It's awesome!

Has one strange issue - the BLUE switch LED comes on and off intermittently, on it's own, usually during usage. Funny I've seen the same exact behavior with the Astrolux EC06. Seems to be reproducible with the light cold, sitting for a while. Didn't check if the TS21 is using the same USB-C charging controller chip as the EC06 but I suspect it is. I believe Sofirn makes both the Astrolux EC06 and these Wurkkos lights. The BLUE LED is from the charging circuit. I get the same BLUE LED on if I connect for charging, then disconnect the BLUE LED stays on solid for a while -- strange behavior.

Wurkkos - can you guys verify this behavior? Anyone else see this?

Mine has the same behavior. The blue light will randomly come on after power off for maybe 30 seconds. I have the gun metal grey version 2. It’s an awesome light, my favorite actually. I’m wondering why it does this too?

That is noted here in LuxWad review

Good to see confirmation. Seems like same mistake now appearing in multiple lights, at least the TS21 and EC06.

Where did this text snippet come from exactly? Looks more like a manual, not a review. Luxwad's reviews I thought were all video?

Current last post in his review

I’ve also got the button issue on my champagne TS21.

Ohh - just measured the new TS21 parasitic drain. On the hi amber switch LED, draws 13.5 mA - yes milli-amps. Way too high!

It's 116 uA on LED switch OFF, 180 uA on LED switch Low (hardly noticeable btw)

13.5 mA is a big draw. That will drain a 4000 mAh cell in 12.5 days.

Expected draw with switch OFF is ~30 uA, maybe 200-300 uA at most on Hi.

Once again, the charging circuit is responsible for some of this, carelessness for the rest.

Dunno - what will it take to get these manufacturers to start checking this? I don't get it.

Hope mine is different when it comes but I doubt it. Anyone else check theirs?
I see Digitalcircuit reported about the same in LuxWad’s review.

It's designed this way, same as the EC06, same as the SC31 Pro - way too low resistor values used like 1K or 0.5K, when 6K-12K should be used. With the TS12, the amber at this intense level looks way too bright, but the low is very hard to notice - probably has to do with the mech design - poor placement, poor optics for the switch LED. I see other lights using a switch cover that's not very translucent - details, details...

Do you mean SC31 Pro? I didn’t know that one had high parasitic drain too.

Ooops, yep. SC31 Pro. Recently got 5 green ones to gift, but did minor checks/updates. All 5 had a 0402 1K resistor for the switch LED's, and even my older black SC31 Pro had the same 1K resistor. Swapped them out for 6.8K - much better, low and hi still good visibility.

Hi went from about 1400 uA down to 271 uA. So Yes, stock SC31 Pro has high parasitic drain for switch LED on Hi, way too high.

With 6.8K resistor: OFF: 34 uA, LO: 75 uA, HI: 271 uA

Probably could even use a bigger resistor like a 10-12K and still get good LO/HI output.

Is it hard to get to that resistor?