【Wurkkos News】New arrival Wurkkos TD01 1000 meters long throw 21700 Tactical Light

Turns out I don’t seem to have anything that measures milliamps let alone microamps

Same issue others are facing.

The blue indicator led on my TS21 doesn’t turn off.

The only way to turn it off is to unscrew the cap and cap it back on… But then there’s a faint amber light that’s always on.

I can also hear a very high pitched squealing/whining from poor circuitry. Sounds like an old CRT TV or coil whine.

Honestly regret this purchase. Not at all the quality I was expecting.

On turbo or all the time?

Learn to use Anduril 2!

You can turn the amber button AUX LED off entirely.

Yeah mine has that pitch thing too. My Sofirn SC31 Pro has it as well but the TS21 is louder. I’d like to point out though that it’s also possible that the ceramic capacitors (of which there are quite a lot according to a TS21 teardown), with their big internal surface area can act as loudspeakers. Just a quick “the more you know” fact haha. But the coil (maybe in conjunction with the capacitors) and the high switching frequency (but in the audible range) can cause it too :slight_smile:

Mine does not whine on turbo because the circuitry doesn’t switch. AFAIK in that case it’s just the battery through some mosfets straight to the LED. On higher “regulated” outputs I can hear it, and it gets louder the higher the light output is.

That’s why I was asking,
I had experienced it with another light when on turbo
Just wanted to make sure their issue wasn’t the actually normal.
Btw. My red ts21 so far seems fine. No noises, I have the aux is turned off and the switch light increases brightness with ramp level while in use like it should according to the instructions

That's kind of like complaining to the doc "my arm hurts when I move it", and the doc saying "then don't move it".

I do like having a switch LED and is certainly one of the reasons I bought this light, but at least we have this option to turn it OFF as a work-around solution.

Does anyone know about how much current the Noctigon K1 or D4v2 switch Led draws?

D4V2 here: https://1lumen.com/review/emisar-d4v2/ where all the colors are measured. The OFF # is right where it should be at 25 μA (20-30 is expected), while the green and blue are somewhat reasonable in HIGH, and the low #'s are all reasonable. I'm not sure how many LED's but I believe it's 4 per color.

I assume the K1 is about the same.

Any plans for Anduril 2 on the Wurkkos FC11?

Just some feedback to Wurkkos…

I would have purchased a FC11 in each color if it had Anduril 1 or 2.
It’s not that the current UI is bad. Anduril just helps keep more of my lights with a common UI.


I haven’t ordered one myself, and won’t, until the bugs (or the known ones anyway) are worked out.

So my opinion is based on the similar light setup in the SP32A, and SP35, which is fine as a brief indicator, but not going to be nearly as satisfying as the larger switches if one wishes to leave them illuminated all the time, despite the current drain.

A soup ladle can still dig a hole, but you really want a shovel for that.

Late reply but the solution to this is in the manual LOL I should have read before posting

No it goes away on turbo. Any other level and I can hear it loudly.

Good to know I’m not alone lol

thanks, will update the anduril 2 on FC13 new model, new LED and tir for a 18650 EDC

TS21 anduril 2 with orange indicator , and blue indicator will show when Sudden voltage change, such as turbo and strobe (turn off auto 30 seconds later), so when turbo the purple will show because of orange and blue mixed

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New model FC13 :open_mouth:

Any pictures?