【Wurkkos news November 15】

Hey guys, there are two news of Wurkkos.

News ①- I have persuaded Wurkkos Factory with no logo carvings on the Blue-oxidized and Ti-copper polished. But the Sandblasted version still have logo carvings same first batch. I think we could do a poll next time first, and follow the most popular option between logo carvings and no carvings🤔

News ②- I just got the sample of TD01C. In the next two days, I will take the comparison videos of multi lumen levels with TD01. Stay tuned ; )

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Ad news ②- Can’t wait for the results! :+1:

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Haha, got it! Will do it soon ; )

I’m excited for that new TD01.
Will there be any changes besides the driver upgrade?
Any info on price yet?

Beside the driver upgraded, others all the same.
And the price will only add a MCPCB cost on the original TD01

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Great news! I have been waiting for this one for months :+1:

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Is there photo (not render) of TS10 Ti-Copper polished?

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sounds promising. Though I’d love to see a high CRI thrower on it instead

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Wait a moment, let me do that immediately

You means the SFT40 3000K?
Dang! We have been waiting for the delivery of suppliers for over 2 months.

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yes, from here

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Is this made of red copper?

yes, Red Copper

So the tail switch is staying the same on the TD01C?

That’s a prototype from several months ago and also a lego. With the passage of time and cost contraints of production models, maybe the retail version looks the same, maybe it doesn’t. A pic on wurkkos facebook shows the Titanium-copper model in the corner with an unpolished finish.

Which is why I asked for a photo. To clear things up

Please remove that photo, I know you were trying to help but now Terry might not post a real photo

Yeah. I’m sad I missed the opportunity when it was on Kaidomain, and they are also out. I look forward to seeing it in the future if it happens :+1:

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Great news

Does ‘C’ stands for Constant? (Constant current certainly)

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Thanks for the updates.

Any plans to offer 3000k for the Ts10 V2 in aluminum or titanium? This temperature works very well on the Ts10 V1 brass model.

Yes, it is. The “Constant” or “Controlled”

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Yep, same tail switch