Wurkkos TS21 Anduril 1.0 Now On Amazon DE[40% OFF]

Hi BLFers,

To celebrate the releasement of TS21 on Amazon DE, now we are offering 40% OFF discount.

Please search “edc taschenlampe usb c” to find it on Amazon DE

Code number: ZOP585Q5

Buy it here.

Few more entries left.

Pen light USA

I participated for Poland :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to send me email.

DL30 EU reviewer inviting :sunglasses:

Is the HD20 still available?

It seems that the DL70 may need a detailed german review. Will these become part of your reviewer invitation?

I would be delighted to review the headlamp for the EU region, if the conditions are fair.

Be glad to review any LEP.

Would be interested in reviewing the TS21 when it is finished. How is the progress with development?

I have sent you an email. Looking forward to hearing more about this.

Email sent from Louisiana, US. Looking forward to hearing more about this as well.

Any HD20 for Canada?

Email replied.

UK review being offered for LEP and DL70 :)

PM sent

Email sent!

USA here!

messaged; US reviewer available