Wurkkos TS21 Impressions

A bit of a mini-review. I gave the TS21 a shot and I'm actually kind of impressed.


  • A triple with a decent optic. I'm still disappointed in the optic from my E3S; it actually softened on a turbo run and I left a partial fingerprint in it.
  • It has a real Anduril driver, which also means real thermal regulation. Again, E3(S) doesn't.
  • Magnet-tail. I know, this isn't 100% a pro, but it is for me.
  • Length: It's shorter than S2+, so I'm willing to pocket-carry it.
  • Has a pocket clip: Again, looking at E3(S)
  • Knurling: It's not actually knurling, but I like the ribbing on the body tube for my pleasure grip. Works great, doesn't shred pockets (This time, I'm looking at the YLP Unicorn)
  • USB-C charging: Supporting C-to-C.
  • Stainless steel bezel with mild crenelation
  • Has a pocket clip (Now I'm staring daggers at the E3(S)


  • Girth. It is thicker than S2+. I honestly didn't actually notice it (I expected to) but for some of you it will be enough to stay out of your pocket.
  • Length: It might be shorter than S2+ (which I consider my maximum length for pocket-carry), but it's still pretty long. If you're used to carrying Zebralight SC6x series or FW3A-series, you may not enjoy this.
  • USB charging: flimsy rubber boot (I've already lost a similar one from my LT1) and potential water ingress
  • Button: It protrudes a bit and I don't trust it in my pocket. YLP Unicorn and Zebralight, so far, have gotten this very right. I think my E3S did it well too, but I don't carry it currently so I'm not 100% sure.
  • Clip: It's a two-way clip. IMO those are only useful for clipping to hats, and this is far too large and heavy for that sort of shenanigans. The clip works fine for my pocket, but then there's all this extra sticking out of my pants, catching on stuff. I'll cut it off soon enough. Also, for those who care (I don't), the clip is not reversible: no bezel-up carry.
  • Lack of LED options. I know they have a few color temperatures but when the competition for my pocket-space includes options from Simon and Hank, it can matter. That said, their 4000K SST20 is pretty good
  • Color options: While I dig the champagne they added, it lacks the Wurkkos purple that I truly love - and the Amazon listing only had black.

Overall, it will actually get some use and pocket time from me, which I didn't really expect. Wurkkos is learning and doing more stuff right every time.

Gave mine to a friend but am reasonably certain the barrel is reversible so in effect the clip actually is. It is also reversible in the way it is bent. You can use just the thin part and that works well.

I completely agree. The TS21 is a real winner as is the FC12.