I must say if anyone has not yet seen the deals at illumn.com do it now. I purchased some Jetbeam flashlights at great prices. Hey and those Acebeam H40 headlamps are only $18.00 each. I have shopped at their store for years and have always had great service and received high quality products.

The link: https://www.illumn.com/black-friday-deals.html

Thanks for the heads up. Some really nice deals there

I wish they could work out a deal with Hank and carry Emisar! I also agree with the above statement awesome store with great prices and and US shipping.

Thanks for the shout out! Feel free to ask me any questions.

MtnElectronics has exclusivity for Emisar in the US. Hank would only allow us to sell offline sadly :(

Great store and prices, not to mention Craig provides first rate support and is very responsive.

Thanks Craig.

XTAR 21700 powerbank/charger ordered for $14.99. Appears to be a nice unit and loaded with two 21700 5500 mAh cells it should be a great performer.

wow, Illumn. excellent in everything flashlights.
thank you Craig & Calvin.

Yeah, illum is my go-to for orders from the US. Never had a problem with shipping to Canada, including batteries, and it’s pretty quick too. About 1 week. I used to buy Zebralights from them, but for whatever reason they stopped carrying newer models, so I order those directly from Zebralight in China now.

I’ve also had some good experiences with illumn in the past. It’s my main place for batteries.
CalvinIS, I’m looking at doing some switches for some surefire 6P’s and I will need some of the mcclicky retaining rings. I don’t need the whole switch assembly though. EDCplus has an option to just purchase the retraining rings. Is there anyway you all could offer this too? I’d rather bundle it with a battery order and get it from you guys. Thanks!

Zebralight had the worst margins of any manufacturer we ever carried. We placed an order once and waited for over 3 months to get the shipment, all while they sold the model directly on their webstore.

Brass or copper?

Preferably copper. Thank you for the prompt reply!

Hello Calvin. Might you carry 26350 batteries? I have a new to the family SC26 and I want to use it in “stubby mode.”

I second good comments of others that have bought from Illumn.

A Illumn. After dealing with Banggood you sirs, are gods!
Ditto on stocking Emisar - please - :wink:

Just ordered early Christmas gifts, batteries, and some other stuff. Always great service from Illumn!

Good deals. I had to buy a few things.

Some of my holiday toys . Purchased two headlamps both warm tint. Crazy cell phone camera makes it look CW but it is not.

Nice deal, if you live in the USA.
Shipping to Sweden for a USD 18:- headlamp seems to be USD 47:- (cheapest variant), kinda kills it…

This is a better representation of the Led's tint. The color of the wall is peach. Remember it is just a crazy mobile phone camera.

If you live in the California Bay Area it’s well worth visiting Illumn’s showroom. They have a LOT of demo lights on the counter you can play with. Most with batteries installed. :sunglasses: :+1:

(Not sure exactly how many demo lights, but my guess is 60 to 100 or so of the latest models).

When did illumn raise their free shipping threshhold from $50 to $75? Just in time for the sales?