X-POWER 1~2*26650 / LD-29 2.6A driver ($35.61)

Anyone have this light??


I believe it uses the same host as this plus the extender tube.


I believe foy reviewed the ios version but I’ll have to find the link later

Actually, it was Old Lumens who reviewed the CNQG version. Here is the link to his review thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/7722


it really was foy, lol, the old lumens review light doesn’t have a stainless bezel.

:stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

sorry I took so long to get back, I was driving before and then got tied up.

I must have missed that review somehow. Good find! :stuck_out_tongue:

:bigsmile: I remember it because I’ve been considering that light for a while, I think its only 23 quid on fasttech too.

for the size and money I think I would rather have a Convoy L2.

already got one :bigsmile:

As you say, the l2 is hard to beat and since the light engine is pretty much identical the l2 is always going to have the greater throw, it also has an a/r lense as standard and a far better heat transfer (no pill, emitter screwed to the head).

My l2 is hardly standard though, its running a 5a two cell driver and dedomed xp-g2 on a noctigon star, its not a bad thrower and I love it to bits. :bigsmile: