XANES HX2 - new compact 18650 L-shape flashlight

1000lm from single XP-G2?
114g without battery?
Rotating dimmer switch - what it is?

Interesting. It looks like you twist the whole body as the switch. Don’t really understand how that would work.

Sounds like a common twisty, although a twisty is not that common with 18650 flashlights.

Does the light come with two heads? looks like it

The battery tube probably is the cheapest part of the light, I would rather see 2 complete lights than 2 heads and 1 tube only. Or, as in my Q8 Janus, one of the 2 different heads at each end of the tube.

114 grams without battery seems heavy (is this measured with the right-angled head or the forward head, or would that be the total weight for all parts)

(most EDC-sized lights, eg. Convoy S2+, Astrolux S1 seem to be around 80grams without battery. And many right-angled headlamps (flashlight part only, eg. Imalent HR20) weighs just around 50 grams without battery.

If I check some Cree XP-G2 docs on the web, it indicates 142 lumens per watt at 0.35A. Max current for XP-G2 is 1.5A while another says 5-watts.
So computing the math (5x142 is around 700+ lumens). There’s another that says max bin 176 lumens/watt, so 5watts would be only 880lumens (probably incorrect to calculate lumens this way… but just doing rough calculations). So “1000” lumens for XP-G2 doesn’t seem right? Maybe 600-750 lumens would be closer?

Wondering also what is a rotating dimmer switch. (from what I understand, it’s a twist-to-turn-on or off, much like BLF A01 AAA twisty flashlight). Or can one change brightness modes by twisting several times?

This is simple 1-mode twist, no dimming.
Quality is ok, double orings and 60m underwater rating.
Rather 500lm than 1000 but still nice light.
It was $19.99 in preorder.
I will modify it for wide angle underwater light.

Any idea what’s the LED used? genuine Cree or not? Would you have a DMM to measure tailcap current?

Glass cover ring is glued so I could not open it, but looks like real xpg2.
Tailcap current ~1A (4.05V cell)

Maybe the 1000 lumens is the total for the 500 lumens (from the L-shaped head) and 500 lumens (from the normal head)… :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed banggood labled “dimming” for all of their flahdlights and it’s misleading customers.

I initially thought it’s stepless diming and I love ramping UI.

Kinda scam advetise to me >•<

Xanes seems to be a crappy brand anyway… I wouldn’t give any bucks to BG for that