XENO E03 Warm White: High CRI or just warm tint?

I've been thinking of trying a warm Xeno E03, and was wondering if anyone could tell me a bit about the tint. Even though I read the discussions about high cri in relation to tint and all the misconceptions I still come away a little befuddled.

What I would like to know is if the Xeno is just a warm (yellow) tint or high CRI.

Does anyone have this light, and what are your thoughts on the visual aspects of the tint.

If anyone knows of some high cri flashlights I could look into, I wouldn't mind.

Xeno E03 WW is just warm, not high CRI.

I think Zebralight makes the only production model high CRI flashlight. Lumensfactory sells a production high CRI P60 drop-in. The rest are either limited runs or customs.

I have a Xeno E03 with warm led and a Lumrns Factory High CRI dropin. I highly rate LFs dropin. It has a very good beam and a very nice tint. Xeno is orange as others said.

Thanks all.
Just as I thought. I think I’ll pass on the Xeno, although it could be nice after a snow storm.

I love it’s integral design of head and body. It looks very nice.

I have both the xeno ww xml, and a 4sevens quarck miniAA high cri. The tint is about the same: nice and warm, incan-like. The cri of the quarck is better, although the cri of warm whites in general is quite ok. In the meantime I modded the xeno to a neutral xpg2 because with xml it was very floody and one ww-light is enough for me.

If you want to spend that bit more: foursevens lights are very nice and they are still running quite some 3000K high cri lights, just choose the led (www.foursevens.com).

I have a WW xeno E03 it has a fantastic tint, I would highly recommend for a snowy environment .

If you want a warmer tint I have a WW skyray king from lightmalls its really orange.

I really like the E03, especially the newest model with upgraded switch and blinky modes. WW should be around 80 CRI

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