Xeno E03 XM-L pocket rocket WW and NW at hkequipment now (Good promo now @ usd31 shipped)

Hi guys,

Secured a nice deal for BLFers.

Over at the webstore, www.hkequipment.net is offering BLF guys a chance to get NW or WW Xeno E03 at USD31.00 shipped. Shipping is via HK Air Mail, add usd2.00 for registered mail.

Just go to the webstore and register an account first. This is important and do not skip this step. Then purchase through the website by Confirming Order (there is a button which asks you to pay via Paypal, don't click that as it will bring you to the payment gateway), its not as straightforward as manafont but the idea is to invoke a Paypal invoice via Email by Confirming the Order at the webstore. After which email cs@hkequipment.net and say that you are from Budgetlightforum and would like to purchase the Xeno E03 NW/WW at usd31.00 and they will invoke a Update Invoice via email for ya. You then pay by clicking the Pay Now button with the updated invoice @ usd31.00.

You won't be paying anything unless you are going through Paypal, so no worries.


For those unfamiliar, you can check out SirJohn's excellent review of the light here. On TF Flames you'd get ~ 1.7A on the XM-L. IMR is not recommended if you are new to the hobby and aren't aware of the SOP for pocket rocket as it gets you 2.4A.

Generic 14500 IMRs are available from bestinone.net for usd7.80 a pair shipped registered mail.

This is a very very good deal for International buyers, eg you pay 35.90 + 5.99 at tacticalhid for WW. Shipping/processing is fast as well, from what I experienced with my 2 shipments of iTP A1 EOS and NCR18650.

Very hot deal for NW, WW. Very tempted myself.

The thing is, there are none NW XM-L lights which put out low 600 lumens when warmed up (on IMR of course, probably you'd get low 800 emitter lumens when cool, or if you are in dead of winter @ -25 deg C LOL!), they all cost about $100. The Zebra NW headlight which Boaz recommended is 190L, well I have lots of 200+ lumens NWs. CRI 70s range. Only -ve is, its not that throwy. Some don't like the small size and 14500 batt requirement, well I just take it as it is. If Xeno comes out with a E05 which accepts 18650 and same form factor as E03, i'll take it! Something like the Fandyfire/Uniquefire UF-2100....110mm length and 25mm dia.

Too bright, well ok, just slot in a NiMH and you'd get quite low output - the floodiness actually helps in the low output by dispersing the light out. Want lower? Pop in a nearly dead AA. WOW!

Same goes for WW, and best of all the tint is really great and looks very close to incandescent, and you get 85 CRI.

You can bite the bullet and get a 3 x T5 drop-in @ 2.8A for each emitter, that's for Mags and usd135 shipped, a Maglite host (20 bucks?) and 4 IMR 26650 for 30 bucks to do 4S1P......and enjoy NW goodness for just under $200. ~$50 per T5, not too bad.

The Romisen RC- 2R4 II NW XP-G uses 18650s, yes.....and its 24.95 + 6.50 int shipping (prob 3 bucks CONUS). But it takes 0.85A only. Bleah.... Nevetheless, I have it for collection. heh heh... But pls do not drop the light, i dropped it once and it took some fiddling to get it to work. Dropped second time, more fiddling before it can work. E03, no issue pls go ahead and whack it...

PS. True to BLF tradition, allow me to recommend Generic IMR 14500s from bestinone.net, mitro tested some of the range and they are great. 7.80/pr shipped with registered mail.

Agreed. If I had the money to spend, I would probably buy another E03 for the special tint as it would be a good intro for me to WW. This is about as cheap as you can get for an XM-L E03 of any emitter tint.

Less known and less talked about feature : with a nearly depleted AA battery, you get lux lower than the ultra-low "firefly" mode of supposedly ultra low mode of an expensive branded EDC (and you know how much those cost). Even on a nicely charged NiMH it's already 2X dimmer than say a iTP A1 EOS (1.8 lumens, but this light is geared for throw relatively speaking). Eg 28 lux for E03 vs 48 lux for iTP A1 EOS (at 1.8 lumens low mode). I managed to get a lowest of 1.7 lux at 1m.

Just grab any AA in an emergency, got light! Even depleted ones you can squeeze out some juice.

And nope, no horrible PWM at these low levels, its a linear driver. Solid 0 Hz.

On a 14500 the Low is pretty bright though, right?

Super bright. :) If you want lows just pop in any AA bah.... from the remote used etc. Still will run about 1hr or so. That low is twice lower in intensity than that of the 1.8 lumens from an iTP A1 EOS.

The Sunwayman R01A works with 0.9V. The Xeno E03 works with 0.8V. Fenix E0/E01 stuff. In fact it can work on lower voltages and the light is crazy low. This is in comparison with a iTP A03 EOS at 1.8 lumens.

The brightness of 1.8 lumens is perhaps even irritating. Sealed

Super low mode with depleted cells : measured lux - 158 lux for the iTP A1 EOS @ 1.8 lumens, Xeno E03 = 9.8 lux. (more than 10X less)

Useful for say map reading at night and you don't wanna destroy night adapted eyes. Astronomy. Tactical movement etc. Or you just don't have any choice during a natural disaster and can just use AA batts which came exhausted from the radio.

Time to stock up on depleted zinc carbons.


Just got THREE Xeno E03 Neutral White, in all variable colors, for friends

Bought them through hkequipment EBAY, with a Best offer on $30 each (including shipping).

Could have tried for a little better price, but since they were on others' budget, I didn't care much!!

Wow, that's cheaper by $1.

drat! i just ordered a WW from the regular site. that's $1 i'm never seeing again! haha...

He ordered 3pcs bro. Smile

The comments on the HK site say this starts on low. Everything else I read about these indicates they start on medium. That's one of the reasons I haven't tried one yet (that and the lack of a real low on 14500).

They are medium/low/high.The low is reasonable on NIMH ,and that's all I use with mine.

[edit]I just ordered a second nw to go with my ww.These are nice lights for the $$.

Yep, confirm it is medium/low/high.

Just got my WW E03 from hkequipment today. Placed the order on the 12th, arrived on the 19th. I think that's the fastest I've received a package from Hong Kong.

Same here, just placed the order on 11th, think he made a trip to the PO and sent it out on 12th. Received on 19th. But I am in SG.

Anyway the NW is quite nice, slightly higher K/whiter than Shiningbeam's Romisen NWs if you want a comparison.

Can I avail of the deal together with the $6.50 wand accessory?

Well, couldn't say no for that price, bought CW T6 version for $27 :bigsmile:

Oh, God, please, teach me how to say "no" to that things 0:)