Xeno E03 XM-L2

I had a Xeno E03 XM-L2. Loved it, and then promptly lost it. :_(

I was thinking about getting another one, but waiting for the XM-L2 - now it looks like EDCPlus has them. :slight_smile:

Anyone have any feedback on the new version?

I have one and love it. My first one was a neutral white XP-G R5, the XM-L2 U2 was added as soon as they came out. XM-L2 U2 cool white has a beautiful beam and color, all white no red, green or purple tint. Nice even on 1.5v.

i think i am going to pick up a 219 version of this light… ive been eyeing for a long time

I have one. Very nice light. Very good output on 14500’s.

its a well constructed little torch (drawing board)

Thanks for the input, but now I have to decide which one. I’m leaning towards the sheer output of the XM-L2 and saving the 219 until a later stage of my flashaholism.

i almost bought the 219 last night, but after thinking about it i am going with the full power xml2u2 :slight_smile:

now i just have to grab some 14500s

+1 on the e03’s. Don’t have the XML2 but I’ve had the v2 XML NW for over a year and it’s my #1 EDC light. I’m running it on an AW 14500 and it’s a rocket.

While on the way home from a restaurant the other day I realized my e03 wasn’t in my pocket, man what a bad feeling! When I got home I called the restaurant (they were already closed and cleaning up) I asked them to look for the light, the guy took my number and said they’ll call me if they find it. I thought shuuure they will! Was also thinking another customer may have picked it up, the place was packed. I was sooo bummed. So I promptly went on EDC.com and started looking at a replacement and found the new XML2’s with higher output and began to decide on which one I would get.

A little while later it hit me, I slightly remember putting it somewhere in the car while it was still light out, hoping it was true I ran out to the car and sure enough it was in there clipped to a canvas bag. It’s hard to explain how happy I was at that moment, I felt “whole” again!

If this helps anyone a LumaPower IncenDio clip fits the e03 perfectly between the body and tailcap. Got my clips directly from Lumapower/Jacky Tsang, I also swapped out the green switch cap with a black fenix one.

Here’s a picture I took of my E03 with Lumapower IncenDio clip:

I’m going to get a new XML2 for a back up, wish I could find a deep carry style clip (like on the Olight S20 for example) but one that fits between the body and tailcap. I don’t really like the “clip on” clips.

I have been thinking on getting one of these, but the lack of a pocket clip is a real problem.I always wear an EDC light clipped to my left pocket.Where did you find a clip for these?Are there any other clips that work for these?-Rick

I have the new Xeno E03 XM-L2 and the older XM-L. The L2 is only slightly brighter shinning at a while wall. The new one has hidden strobe, sos, and beacon modes. Also has the updated more reliable switch. (although I've never had any problems with the old one)

A LumaPower IncenDio clip fits the e03 perfectly between the body and tail cap.
(See my picture in post #7 above)
Got my clips directly from Lumapower/Jacky Tsang


Just email them, it’s the washer style clip (not the wire style)

I’ve seen some other clips that will fit, but all were clip on and were no where near as nice and sturdy as this one.

I own the old XM-L version 3 and is my favorite EDC. It fits well in my pocket and I kinda feel “under dressed” when I forget to bring it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must have the new XM-L2!

Thanks Beam0, I just ordered the XML2NW E03.I’ll try and contact Lumapower for a clip.-Rick

i got my xeno e03 xml2 cw today… its great! works good on eneloop and its a pocket rocket on 14500… i have some good quality sanyo 14500s and some lifepo4s coming to try…

i dont see the cool white xml2s on edc+’s website… are they gone?

also - i got a red version… its a little light and almost looks pink… the blue also looks kind of purple-y if anyone is wondering… at least on the ones i have seen

Pink, a bit like this?

Is there any retailer who has the XM-L2 cool white version of the E03 still available?

Illumination Supply have them:

That doesn’t say it’s a XM-L2 U2, but a XM-L U2.

Too many letters and numbers. Sorry! :~

EDC Plus has them (that' where I got mine):


Edit: Oops, you want cool white and they have neutral white...sorry.