xg-v3 $38 on DX deal

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$54.8 30.68% $16.81
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  • 5 Days 1:19

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  • CREE XP-G 350LM white emitter
  • 4 great operating modes including SOS
  • 1 battery last 50 minutes on high mode
  • Handsome polished metal finish

I've always wanted one of those and if it weren't for the colored LEDs around the outside I might consider it. Would be an easier sell if they were all white LEDs or maybe all green.

I wanted that one too. But I brought so many lights lately. I have 5 days to think it over.

ive eye balled that one myself, but couldnt see it worth $55... may have to hop on that this pay day

Also I have been eye-balling this multiple times, but always rejected as too costly..

Now I simply couldn't resist. A really nice addition to my collection. :)

Thanks for the heads-up!

Damn you all,

My poor credit card.....

As others above, had this on my DX wish list since it was released, but could never justify the cost.

Still can't, but what the hell.

Edit - 'Congratulations! The deal you made on DX Offers has been successful. Minimum number of buyers has been met. We appreciate your purchase. And we will arrange the shipment within 5 working days. Please be patient with DX.'

Please be patient with DX? I guess we're all used to doing that.

I want it, looks cool as hell. But i have a TK45, couple 504b, uf-h3 coming. Could somebody confirm my mind that this light is a great deal?

Oh no...it has stepless adjustment, too, just like the UF-H3. Damn it! Now it's appeal just overrode the colored LEDs. $38 is still a lot of money compared to some other lights I want to get that will be used more. This is really just a shelf queen but such a AWESOME looking shelf queen. I still have a few days to talk myself out of it.

Maybe you don't need to talk yourself out of this deal. Remember that DX offers are NOT unlimited. In fact if you browse older deals you can see that some of them were sold out after as little as 6 or 8 pieces (or something similar).

So just wait a couple of hours / days and others will decide on behalf of you. :)

(Or then just go ahead and buy one while stocks last :D After all, it looks AWESOME, as you said!)

I'm the 6th person that bought it according to the page. Thank you okyeung for the great find.

I must admit i bought it because the cool look and the SS.

I guess that makes me #7 :)

Couldn't talk yourself out of it did you :) the stepless adjustment like uf-h3 is my main "excuse" for buying this light. Makes it unique i guess

The little lady told me to go for it and who am I to argue with her? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good since a real Gatlight V3 is something north of $300.

"The Rolex of flashlights . . ."


really great one ,the same one from FP costs $56.57

It so ruins the look. Anyone had any experience modding one of these? If those 5mm are easily swapped/removed I may have to reconsider.

I'll probably try modding it with these when I receive mine (after writing a review that is :)).

Shouldn't be that difficult.. Let's see.

Can't wait for your review. Maybe a small diy for led swap?

BTW: The don't ruin the look, because they seem to be white/clear as long as they are not lit (see this photo). And you have to lit them separately, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Great idea! I just ordered a pack of those LEDS a couple minutes ago. I will carefully disassemble the torch to see if I can mod it and if I can I won’t have to wait another month for the LEDs to come in to do it. :slight_smile: