xhp 50 12v LED in an 18650 host

Hi would a XHP 50 hcri work well in say a sinner 18650 host?.
It was mentioned that these work on I think 6-12v right?.

would it work ok say at moonlight mode to say 200 max lumens?.
would there be current draw issue ?.

i don’t really want to switch to 2 18350 and runtime suffers maybe?.
if I can stick to 18650 that’ll be good, but can it ?.


You will need a driver to boost the voltage up to the LED’s working range. Right now Zebralight has one. Expect some in the future but right now they don’t exist for hobbyist.

This is the second topic about this so it is a matter of time before one figures it out. Me too would like a single cell XHP so follow these threads like a hawk.

I'm designing a driver, should be able to do 6 amps or so to a XHP50/70, or 4 amps to a XHP35, from a single AA (NiMh only, alkaline will be limited to only 3 amps).

Being a noob I probably not right but is the issue with XHP not the voltage demand?
And is stepping it up from 3,7 not easier then from 1,2/1,5?

I would be very interested to put the XHP in a Colrui with its big head or put the new driver in the Thorfires so only 1 cell can be used.


Somebody found a Blue Police Box.

Right now the best way to accomplish this is with a Zener modded driver and 2- 18350’s. At least until someone can make one both small enough and robust enough. That or get someone to make you a longer battery tube for 2x 18650’s. :slight_smile:

Bumping this thread to know if anyone got a source for good CRI XHP50 to swap in my Olight R50 ?