XHP-50 P60 Drop in AliExpress

Does anyone know anything about this, like is this a real genuine XHP-50?
US $13.28 | 26.5mm XHP50.2 3V 2600 lumens LED bulb drop-in for Surefire C2 Z2 P60 P61 6P 9P G3 S3 D2 Manta Ray M5 M6 WF-501B WF-502B torch

They seem to sell genuine materials! I normally keep this store under sight as they normally have good prices and nice materials. I’ve been tempted to get their drivers and LEDs.

I would say yes, I have purchased many items from this seller. although not this item. Pretty low current but probably suitable for that small of a host because of the heat produced by that emitter.

I bought one so in about a month we should know something. I know a lot of people probably will not like the tint at 6500k, I don’t have a problem with that tint at all.

Huh, not bad, not bad at all.

It’s a very smart choice to use a 3V XHP50.2 with a 3A driver.

That means efficiency will be absolutely top notch.

At 3A(0,75A per LED), it should be producing 1500 LED lumens, and around 1300 lumens OTF, which is very good.

It looks good. You may, if your soldering skills are up to it buy 4 more 7135 or 7138 chips to stack on. 2.8 amps on that 3 volt Cree XHP50.2 LED is nice but 4.2 amps and it’ll bring out more and still be in the very efficient sweet spot of that LED. And yes I’m ordering one now and doing the same. First 2 products AMC7135
Long live the P60.

Texas shooter that sounds like a great idea. I may have to try my skills.

BlueswordM are you saying that this drop in will produce 1500 lumens and not 2500?

Really cool…but how’s this thing gonna manage the heat?

With a 3V XHP 50.2, at 3A, it’ll only make 1500 lumens at max.

Okay thank you BlueswordM, I don’t know these kind of things.

This is a new 3 volt edition of the XHP50.2 so it runs at 3v and this driver is a standard 3 amp driver and should produce around 1000+ lumens probably higher maybe 1400? .

If it was the 6v XHP50.2 LED at 3amps it would do over or around 2500 lumens but then it would be using a boost driver not a 7135 driver. I have bought a few driver from this store and they are decent/good. Good build quality and decent parts used but i found the 7135 driver i bought was not using an Attiny chip.

If you bought one of these drivers you should get around 2500 lumens its got 6 extra 7135 so about an amp and half extra.

Thank you everydaysurvivalgear. I’m glad to hear that you have bought their drivers before, I’m glad I bought this one now. Especially if it can achieve 2500 lumens.

Ordered…thanks Andy

@Andybibbville, it won’t reach 2500 lumens.
2500 lumens is what the XHP50.2 does at 18W.

The drop in only works at about 10W, only producing around 1400-1500 lumens.

I pulled up the Cree charts. At 3 amps with next to the very brightest rated bin 1335 lumens, at 4.2 amps 1748 lumens. Still very good output.

Andybibbville, could you provide a link without click tracking?

I think this is the straight link:

Andybibbville, with enough power the XHP50.2 LED is capable of 2500 lumens but that driver will only provide enough power at max to produce 1500ish lumens, or as Texas Lumens points out 1335ish lumens.

A P60 drop-in by default does not make good contact with the P60 host body so it doesn’t transfer heat away from the LED too well, more power means more heat so if you were to use a driver that provided enough power to produce 2500 lumens you would need improve the heat transfer path between the drop-in and the body or the LED and drop-in would very quickly get hot enough to damage components.

There are 2 possible reasons why the description states 2600 lumens when it should say 1500 or less. The first is that the seller is exaggerating the performance of their product, it’s common for sellers to do this but with no experience of this seller i can’t say whether this is the case or not.

The second reason is that they have confused the 3V XHP50.2 output with the 6V XHP50.2 output.

Lumens are a product of power, the more power the more lumens (within the LEDs working range).
Power(measured in watts(W)) is a product of voltage(V) and current (A). W=VA. This means that if you double the current from 3A to 6A while keeping the voltage the same you get double the power. It also means that if you double the voltage from 3V to 6V while keeping the current the same you also get double the power.

So, with a 3A input, a 6V XHP50.2 will get double the power of a 3V XHP50.2 and will therefore produce more lumens. Most information online relates to the 6V XHP50.2 so it’s possible they have quoted the expected lumens from a 6V XHP50.2 running at 3A rather than a 3V XHP50.2 running at 3A.

Thank you Marc E for explaining that so eloquently, that makes sense for them to do that. Even with 1300 to 1500 lumens it’s still going to be a great drop in. Hopefully will get more runtime from it, since it’s not being driven so hard.

Thank you for the link Marc E.