XHP-70 de-dome VS dome on. Add your data to the pot.

Hi all,

I was just wandering if anyone here has take the time to compare lux readings with XHP-50/70 domed vs de-domed yet?

If not measurements than any pictures would be helpful.


EDIT: I have added some of my own in post 2.


Well since I didn't see any hits I decided it must be my turn to bat.

I use the long body of my Arc project with the copper slug pressed into it for this. The lumen tests are performed with no head on the light so they are "emitter lumens".

The 2 lux tests were preformed with the head on and reflector in place but no lens ( dont have the orings yet)

All testing was done with my bench supply for power. The emitter is on a 12V mcpcb so just figure double amps to get this on a standard 6V.

XHP-70 N4 bin.

1a 1734 Turn around point 5.5A ish.
2a 3060
3a 4083 Lux tested with head on no lens at 4a 1 min 170,000
4a 4943
4.5a 5223
5a 5678
5.5a 5906
6a 5929
De domed
1a 1479 Lux tested with head on no lens at 4a 1min 224,500
2a 2611
3a 3651
4a 4389
5a 5045
5.5a 5304
6a 5453

The difference between the 2 lux tests for me was a gain of 25%. This is far less than what I we typically get from a single die type emitter ( xpg, xml etc) but still a worth while gain at not too much lumen cost in my book if your trying to build a bright thrower.

I would still be very interested to hear if anyone else has comparative data.

Nice! The XHP70 + that big reflector are just amazing.