Am I late to this party or are these new and if so, does anyone have any more information about them? A simple google turned up very few pertinent or relevant results.


Oh what the heck I just knew about thus when u mentioned it!!!

Digikey went ahead before CREE even announcing the LED.

But WHY is it only 493lm max?? And at 1plus amps???

That kinda got me too. After all, the Vf is around 11 volts! Something weird going on here!

Edit: Oh wait. The stated luminosity is “at test current” which is 350mA. Still not much, but better.

I totally second that opinion!!

The photos of the LED on their sight look identical to an XPL.

Photo is for representation only. It isn’t an actual photo of the item. :slight_smile:

So, I did the math. They have one that claims to be 570lm at test current. Test current is 350mA. Forward voltage is 11.3 volts. Claimed efficiency is 144 lm/w. Well, 11.3 X 0.35 X 144 = ~570 so it is accurate. I think 144 lm/w is pretty good. It just doesn’t look right at first glance.

So what does it behave like? Xpl with xml2 u4 output?

What makes you think there is any serious difference between XP-L V6 And XM-L2 U4?

That’s what it looks like to me. But, if you look at the photo Hank gave, XPL High Intensity beats XHP35 High Intensity overall, but not by much.

Look at Hank’s photo above. :bigsmile:

The u4 is at 1200lm at 3A? Xpl at 1000lm at 3A? I’m still in the process of learning! :)So if I sound stupid it’s most likely because I am still not learned! :wink:

:) Alright things now get massively complicated (HI, HD, same die different packages, etc). I meant that the brightness of the XP-L HD V6 is almost the same with XM-L2 U4.

For the die size and output and the price not to mention the voltage needed I think the xpl is the winner here heehee

These are the official specs by CREE. Keep in mind the U4 should be 7% over the U3, so then the U4 is almost the same as V6. The is no reson to believe XP-L HD is an inferior LED.

Time to make an UF-1405 'longy' ?

Hopefully it is at least a 6V/12V LED like the other XHPs. It looks like a single die though, so it may not be configurable as such. A 11V+ vF LED isn't very useful for most of our lights, since you'd either need 3S cells or a boost driver with 1S or 2S cells.

Am I the only one who thinks, that Cree should focus on 3,xV LEDs?
I mean… 11V for sub 600 Lumens?
That’s 3-4 LiIons, so it will be a big light with little output.

Sure, Cree doesn’t make it’s LEDs mainly for Flashlights - but it’s a not so small part of it.