XHP50.2 Thrower on Aliexpress

Cheap little thrower that might be worth something…

Another even cheaper version…


Rusty, Are those good quality? Being cheap price is good. Light has to have decent quality though.

I don’t know. But, well, it could also serve as a mod host.

I have some cheap lights that look similar to that. There is a good chance that it has a plastic reflector and a crummy thermal path (pill to body tube to head).

40000 lumens?

Yes, but sadly it can’t sustain its peak output for more than 20 seconds.
It does 1 000 000 lm before the stepdown.

Brett XHP50 on aliexpress $16.80. Aluminum reflector. Has shelf under led. No glue. Light weight. Easy to mod. Driver has low amps at 3.75 at tail. Not very bright. Bypassed sense resistors and got 4.7 amps, 2.25 amps at led. Replaced cw led with 5000k nw. Nice tight hot spot. Pretty happy with it. Long runtime and does not get too hot.

Well, thats useful information TomnMich !
I was looking for that type of light a couple of weeks ago, but could not find any info about pill or shelf or anything actually.
Does it use a retaining ring?

I did notice that. Thankfully, I bought these for non-flashaholics.

Before you buy from Brett read my thread?

It does have a retaining ring on driver. No problems with fit and finish on the XHP50 Light. Mine came with XHP50.2 cw led. I like this light because of the moderate output. Does not get hot. I would not use this light with a hi amp driver. Not enough heat sink.

This is the exact light I posted above (Chaselight) from Amazon. $17.99 delivered with battery included. The Amazon version is VERY bright.