XHP70.2 4000K maximum flux output?

Im wanting to do a build with this LED, and unsure of the maximum brightness?

Cree claims here that its maximum light output is 4292 lumens, but does not say what colour temperature this is for.

AFAIK, with a warmer colour temperature, the light output is generally less?

Also im seeing torches with this LED that claim 5000 lumens output, are they overdriving this LED to get that much output?


Test of that emitter here

Thanks, looks like the light output is consistent with Cree’s data.
I thought that warmer colour temp was often less bright, but this is good news.
I was going to use the XP-G2, but this looks a much more efficient LED, so I think I will use this.

XP-G2 is a 3V emiiter, XHP 70/70.2 are 6V so they require completely different drivers.

lol, sorry I had a mind blank, I meant to say MT-G2! They are 6V and are a larger LED

Ah gotcha, I was a bit confused by you considering an XPG instead of a big ’ole XHP too but it makes much more sense now. :smiley: