XHP70.2 driver recomendation for 2x26650 light ?

I have been away from things for a while, and recently come back to it.
Must say , these new versions of some of the leds are tempting.

So, getting down to it…….
I have a Jax Z1 currently built w/ a zener modded FET driver 2x 26650’s and a de-domed mtg-2. It is my go to light for outdoors stuff like night trail rides in the old jeep and such because of it’s versatility and run time. Turbo mode is limited to ~90 seconds right now and rarely gets used at that level for long.

Thinking its time for an update to a XHP70.2 but I am unsure of the Vf issues, and have not been able to find much on the 70.2. I understand that running the smaller 50.2 on a zener FET driver and 2 high discharge Li batteries is not recommended due to how easily they can draw excessive current.
From what I have been able to find on the 70.2 its Vf needs are even lower yet, but can handle in excess of 20A.

In short, will the XHP70.2 survive w/o damage on 2x 26650’s and a FET driver at lower levels (25% and under) given a understanding that heat on higher modes will limit run time?

Also, has anyone done a BLF style test of the 70.2 yet ?
I would love to see charts of Vf/current/lumens for it like members have done for the 50.2.
……I would gladly donate one for testing by ???(djozz, Texas_Ace or whoever else has the equipment)

Most any info would be more than I currently have.
Thanks guys,

I’ve got an old Fenix TK40 and turning it on makes me sad with its abysmal output. I’d love to make it into a much more powerful light and I wondered if a 2x26650 and a high powered led would work for this (once I get the head apart). I’d also be interested in finding an appropriate driver.

If you dont want a super hot turbo you can go with aregulated driver

70.2 on 2x26650 draws a real high current and will heat every host up in no time

NarsilM drivers can be dimmed like you want

Or this one if you’re not super hardcore: