Xiaomi 10000 power bank QC Pro review and dissassembling

I got the new Xiaomi 10000mAh power bank, its a slim powerbank which can be charged and discharged via the Quickcharge standard.

The battery came in a typical nice paperbox with a “rub free anti counterfeit logo”. Also with the power bank came one of the nice flat 300mm long microUSB cables and a micro USB to USB type C.

I really like it this way because i only need one cable for the new and also for the older phones and stuff.

Specs and test results:

What I really like about the xiaomi power banks is the nice quality, the design and that they write the real world specs on their products.
This 10000 mAh power bank is marked as 7100mAh@5V/1A =>35.5Wh
my measurements were 7280mAh@5 V/1A&2A =>36.4Wh
Also interesting to see that they specify the battery voltage as 3.85 V (measured 4.37V when full and 3.3V on empty shutdown).
Also they specify input and output possibilities as 5V 2A; 9V 2A; 12V 1,5A also confirmed through my measurements

9 V Quick discharge 3650mAh measured Voltage 8,3V/2A =>30Wh

12 VQuick discharge 2880mAh measured Voltage 11.2V/1.51A=>32Wh

I also tested several phones and Ipad all was charged with the same amount as the original chargers.
Charging the power bank with an Ipad charger only gives1.5A(instead of 2A), some other USB outlets let it also only charge with below 2A. With a QC charger the thing worked perfectly and charges indeed very Quick with the full current.

What really is great(and new) about this new Version are the following things:
Quick charge input and output
USB type C input
real charge through with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): there is no disconnection if the input is disconnected like it was on all previous power banks, also the bank works as a buffer allowing a higher output than input.
double click the button allows low current devices to be used, previous models switched themself offf below 0.07A, so the dimmable USB LEDS didn’t worked in moonmode and also it wasn’t possible to charge small batterys on smartwatches and rc helicopter so well.

Especially the charge through feature was kind of buggy on all the previous Xiaomi power banks, this one works perfectly together with my solar cell. It works as a buffer like someone might expect it. The older versions never worked well for that.

Comparison between different models shows clearly how slim this one is.

I was glad that they chosed this time the same case construction as the older models. Bottom and top plate are glued with adhesive tape, 2 screws on the bottom, after that the innards can be pushed out:

backside of innards:

Battery: LISHEN SP4858102SH-C 3.85V

Side view: you can see two parallel cells and a ntc temperature sensor in between

PCBtop, similiar to other xiaomi power banks, just the LEDs are a bit brighter


no need to zoom in on above image…i did that for you :wink:
ICs from left to right are:

ABOV 1204UB 1546N

BQ 25895m
I²C Controlled Single Cell Fast Charger with MaxChargeTM Technology for High
Input Voltage

S61088A TI 571 C353

TPS61088 10-A Fully-Integrated Synchronous Boost Converter

The power bank came from Banggood and it was 100%genuine.

I got the power bank for free from banggood, this is the link I should provide in the review:
http://goo.gl/oIUhWS it is no affiliate link, but it is kind of a tracking link so that they can see if my review is it worth, so please click it plenty that they might send me another product for a review.
Coupon xmbp10 gives 10% rabate.
Link unshortened for the curious…

The power bank is better than any of the previous xiaomi power banks(which were fantastic to their time). Especially the new low current feature and the UPS mode are super nice. The capacity is enough to recharge an ipad air2 once or most phones several times. But on the cons side the price is higher than the older models with 18650 in it which were really cheap…this one here still has a good price/value ratio because of all the features, but you have to think about what you need. I for example will use it in my Blitzwolf solar charger where the 16000mAh and 20000 models always nagged me.

Damn, you beat me :slight_smile:
Mine’s still waiting somewhere in China to be shipped to me.

Nice review, thanks for the teardown.

I was curious about the USB-C port, because according to them it supports USB-C charging and discharging, and later in the specs it says USB-C port can only used to charge the powerbank. Do you have a Usb-C device to test it? I suppose the C port is just an input and to use the C output it needs a type A to type C cable or the included adapter.

Btw did you paid full price for it, or there’s a coupon?

I added the coupon for 10%, I still have some things I want to add in the review this evening…

The USB C is input only, in the banggoodforum the question came up and was answered clearly. I also tested it and there is no power coming out of the USB C.

So its done, just let me know if someone has a question. I will reassemble it tomorrow.

I just got mine in last Thursday. They had to resend it because they had my address correct, up to the country.
It’s in the testing queue now. Am testing and reviewing some RAVPower goodies first for my blog.

Great review and teardown

Great review. Could you weigh it, since I’m interested in the Wh/kg?

Nice review. I bought the previous 10000 mAh model (with substantial discount). It came with 3 LGABF1L1865 batteries. Minus point of the new model: it does not yield 3 really budget top quality batteries you can use in your flashlights.

Plus point: when used in the next Annual BLF/OL Scratch Made Light Contest you are not confined to a tubular model :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I weighed it in my review.
223 grams although I can’t remember if that was charged or depleted :wink:
So that’s 0.165Wh per gram USB/5V and 0.156Wh per gram using QC (as per my own measurements).
Just multiply that by 1000.
In my testing it has been the powerbank that perfoms best.

Thanks! Seems like a good one, ordered.

Btw, you should link your awesome power bank spreadsheet on all of your reviews.

One thing I would also like to read in power bank reviews is the minimum voltage at which the power bank still charges itself. And at which point it automatically reduces current. This would help determining how suitable it is to use the power bank with a solar charger.

I think I did, in all powerbank reviews…

With the means of testing I have now, that’s impossible, I don’t have a fancy lab power supply (yet :laughing:.
Good thing you mention about solar panels, though, because I’m getting another solar panel (24W 4-panel) to test in the coming days… Hope the summer lasts a little longer :wink:

The charge through feature you mention could it be used to power a dashcam?
I have a DDPAI M6 which is a great dashcam with a cool feature that when static it stops recording after 5 minutes and goes into a time lapse mode where it takes a photo every second and stitches them into a single MP4 file.
My car cig lighter is a IGN fed one so can’t be used so I hard wired power to it but the dash now warns me of “battery drain”

So I was thinking of using one of these, running the cig lighter to the battery pack then camera off the battery at all times

Could this be done with this power bank?

That’s great fireblade893!

How long does it take to charge the power bank?

Also interested in setups with solar panel charging the power bank, as and when there’s sun available, and the power bank supplying something at the same time.

Nice review! :smiley:

I’m testing two solar chargers right now, for exactly that purpose.
Only problem I’m running into is discharging my powerbank collection in time for testing :slight_smile:

Hmm…. any idea if it supports USB pd?

Does your powerbank ever stop charging? Mine keeps trickle charging at 0.077 A (has been for an hour now).

Just checked the logs I had for my reviews; yep, keeps trickling at 0,088A here…