Xiaomi MiBank 5000mAh overview from fresh owners perspective

Just a thumbs up to Banggood, won this on their 9.9 lottery ;)!

The battery was sent out pretty quickly and arrived within 2 weeks after being shipped.

Xiaomis dark rose-red which isnt exactly the most manly color out there :D!

Packaging box with another box inside that slides out and contains battery, USB cable and instructions leaflet in Chinese.

Build quality feels solid, bank looks good and is said to deliver around 3.3Ah at 5.1V and 1A at 155.6g(vs 6.25Ah of 10'000mAh MiBank weighing 204.5g without usb cable and port covers) and at 90% efficiency(compared to 88% of its bigger brother).

Compared side by side with its "bigger" brother, 10'000mAh power bank.

(I use silicone USB and Micro USB plugs on all of my mobile devices to avoid small debris to collect inside devices USB/Micro USB ports.)

Is it good investment? Given the solid reputation these power banks get, Id say yes, if you need thin, portable power bank that could recharge your phone at least once with ability to recharge other devices as well.

If you dont plan on charging anything but your cell phone, perhaps backup battery(if your phone has replaceable battery, that is) would be much better, yet less and less phones today come with user replaceable batteries and they tend to cost much as well while cheaper non-brand alternatives are potentially neither safe nor reliable.

If(another sentence starting with "I") on the other hand you need more juice, 10Ah model seems like the perfect choice given its still relatively small size and almost identical price(I bought 10Ah bank for around 12$, silver 5Ah goes for around the same, red ones more expensive).

Personally was looking at this power bank a while ago with the idea of having even smaller, pocketable power bank, yet twice the capacity of 10Ah model at the same price is something worth considering so didnt buy one.

The choice is yours.

Thanks for reading!

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I ordered the 5000 mah and 10,000 mah power banks from BG. Both of the power banks appear to be genuine, but the usb cable with the 10k has white inside the connector on both ends while the usb cable with the 5k has black. Anyone know if that is a normal variant? The stuff I’ve read online says the genuine ones are black.

I have several 10 000 mAh with White inside the USB connectors and legit. My 5000 mAh is on a trip to Bali right now so I cannot check it :slight_smile:
Check your products here:
If you dont have a code to check yours most probably is a fake

Edit: I have bought genuine Xiaomi power banks from both Gearbest and Banggood the last year

10Ah came with all white, 5Ah came white with black innards and both are legit - checked them on Xiaomis webpage ;)!

Where’s the best place to buy genuine Xiaomi power banks? DX, Banggood, Gearbest?
Which sells legit power banks that actually arrive and don’t get ‘lost in the mail’?
Seems more often than not that DX is more expensive… (but sometimes you pay for what you get?)
Any suggestions?

All Xiaomi products I have I got from them and all are original with verification code.

I recently bought a usb meter and found cables can vary widely with quality. Some thick expensive cables could barely reach 0.78A while some thinner longer cables were able to put through 1.5A. I found the cable that came with my 10000mAh Xiaomi bank able to reach up to 1.73A. That was white on the inside which was also from Banggood (confirmed to be geniune on Xiaomi’s website). It’s a small $4 investment some may be interested in playing around with especially if they have a lot of different chargers and cables.

Banggood seem to have original ones and ship rather quickly.

Gearbest also carry genuine Xiaomi products, but their shipping times are slow, so pick registered shipping if you decide to buy from them.

Accidentally dropped at home from about 1m height, after that wouldnt charge and wouldnt work, leds blinked erratically or stayed on without a reason, certainly not shock proof :smiley: