Xiaomi multitools: Xiaomi Nextool 16 in 1 [Xiaomi 13 in 1 see post #135 <$10, pics added]

Can’t argue with that! :smiley:

I am too, but I guess at some point I just adapted and use my right hand, like so many things in this cold cruel world for lefties. :slight_smile:

Literally the only thing I envy this thing for is the scissors. Dang they are great. Everything else the Wave/Wave+ is MUCH better. I got one cheap for 50 bucks. I would never buy any “tool” with no lock on the knife and everything that can fold on you and hurt you ever again. Learned that from swiss army knives. Other things I personally(!) miss on this: Usable screwdriver (that thing is just a pitiful excuse imho), file, metal saw (cutting nails, filing some metal. or finger nails lol).

Got one and over the last month ive enjoyed using it. Although mine doesn’t have the name ‘XIAOMI’ on it it has another name.
Scissors are very sharp (already cut my self on them once).
Just of note the saw is lockable but the knife blade isn’t. Strange choice but maybe that so they can get more users in markets where lock knives cant be carried in public (Think of the children!….having access to a safety feature!)
ive attached some photos.


And what about the smaller tools like the screwdrivers? Lockable?

No sorry none of them lock, the only thing that locks in place is the saw which uses a frame lock.

Thanks a lot for confirming that.

* never mind *

What do you mean? It looks to me like the pliers are in the middle of the “main” body of the tool. The scissors deploy from inside one of the handles of the “main” body, with an extra leg, which also has markings of a ruler.

Sorry, please ignore that posting I made. I’ve had a few really rotten days that messed up my concentration. Clearly the pliers are in the center and the scissors are from inside one handle. I need to take a break…

No worries, sorry you’re going through a rough patch. Feel free to take your break right here on BLF. :wink:

Has anyone received theirs from the freeme deal? I ordered two because they have good reviews and are at a great price. They are going to my wife’s and my emergency backpacks. I currently use for my EDC a leatherman wave.


But got a email from Banggood saying refunded and customs had confiscated it.

Wow that sucks!! :frowning:

Mine shipped on 6/20. It’ll probably be at least another 2 weeks before I see it.

Here is mine next to my veteran SwissTool:

So, what do you think?

Does it come with a case/pouch?

Any hot spots, unchamfered edges?

It’s a new arrival so I haven’t tested it too much. The overall fit & finish is very nice. The full sized scissors are fabulous. I think that’s a the main selling point of this multi-tool.
The pocket clip and the replaceable cutting edge of the pliers are also a novelty for me after the SwissTool.

To be honest I find the lack lack of symmetry on the handles quite disturbing :slight_smile:

Hmm… now that you mentioned it, I think this is going to bug me as well. Damn you! :slight_smile: