Xiaomi multitools: Xiaomi Nextool 16 in 1 [Xiaomi 13 in 1 see post #135 <$10, pics added]

I thought this deserved its own thread.

On Banggood:


Banggood discount:


On AliExpress:



It has good feedback on Banggood, though most reviews are very short.

I posted in another thread that this might be a good budget alternative to Leatherman.

It looks nice. I wonder how durable it is. Are you going to get one?

Interesting indeed. It would replace a lot of tools in my tool bag that I lug with me when we go camping.

I’d like to have some good multitool stowed in the car. Leatherman is not worth it for me and the stuff that I read about all cheap multitools makes them seem even less worthy of their prices.
So I looked this up with interest.

I think that the really useful stuff for me is:

  • screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • wire cutter
  • scissors

Most of the rest is between useless and well-maybe-one-day.

I see that the 9-tool variant has a wrench (with a cute caliper) which would be useful as well but lacks scissors.

So…I have mixed feelings. Maybe I should wait for some later model…

That is indeed an interesting option, I might just give it a try… I assume that “With Tools Inner Lock” means like a liner locking mechanism? I wonder if it’s for all the tools or just for the blades? Can anybody spot where the lock release mechanism is?

I did ask BG today.

Thanks, specifically I’m interested in whether the smaller tools have a locking mechanism, especially the screwdrivers. The hacksaw does have a liner lock according to this video, but not clear about the other bits:

I never had a multitool other than SAK knives, but I’m convinced by this one, with both pliers and scissors and looking good too, and I bought it with freeme’s code. Let’s see if it will get a lot of use. Thanks for the heads up Raccoon!

Also grabbed one with freeme´s code.
Will be replacing an 92 model Leatherman, so it was about time.

Wow, the scissors on this thing are quite impressive…

I looked at it before but didn’t order it as it isnt, as most multitools are, really lefty friendly.
However I still consider it as it looks like a real alternative for a Leatherman.

I’d like to know if the knife blade is beveled on both sides and hollow ground.

I use an old Sabertool with a blade that’s made that way. All the tools lock, no finger-snapping.

The brand was bought out by someone in China and chabuduo-ed to worthless crap == “chisel ground” and sharpened only on one side. And flimsy.

Looks nice, but no lock on the knife is a pity.

My EDC knife has no lock but clicks in place quite stiff. If that is the case I do not need a lock.

I tend to abuse the knives of my leathermans, I feel safer then. But if you do just normal cutting you should be safe indeed.

I like how it looks but 30Cr13 is really soft steel (think like AUS-4)

I personally don’t really mind it not having a lock on the knife because I’m always cutting against the geometry of the folding mechanism. But for something like a screwdriver it’s a lot more likely to bend back on my fingers as I throw my weight around.

Your are totally right, but I rather have a finger between a collapsing screwdriver than a knife.
I have done both in the past to prove :person_facepalming:

I’m lefthanded and as Henk pointed out already, multitools are not lefty-friendly. So in case I need a knife, I probably will not use the multitool anyway.