XinTD C8 XM-L T6 for sale $27 shipped

New, gray metallic color. $27 shipped First Class Mail. US shipping only.

Bought from

Driven at 2.4A.

This is a 3-mode C8: Hi-Med-Lo.

Please PM if you are interested.

Discussion about this light on this forum.

did you forget something ?

If you are talking about the button, it is fixed now.


Presentation of the item offered perhaps?

Looks like this:

Selling renault car, used,metallic blue. 5000usd, "pickup" only.

LOL...a pic of the light would be nice, don't you agree?

Why do you need any pic or description? All you need is one person to post how this is "the last flashlight you ever need to buy" and go on raving about how great it is and scores of people will jump on the bandwagon and order. Am I right?


i bought 12 , i hope they arrive soon - i am so happy

ALSO please send computer virus

my bank account and routing : 2546479615 1138456219

I buy flashlight from you and you buy one from me. It be best flashlight you ever seen. Only $500 best deal on web. Please to send me credit card number to verify identity. That all you need know. Picture and description not important. You need buy now before too late. Everything be guaranteed perfect. Please allow many days for delivery.

What is all this non sense s***? I expected people on this forum to be already informed about the flashlight they are looking and behaving more professionally. If there is doubt or question, please ask. I will be posting pictures of the item soon. I'm the owner of the this flashlight, not some offshore seller trying to put up a scam or something. Btw, my eBay id is also tigerfromsiberia, you go ahead and check it out.

especially if you are new and somewhat unknown, it would be far better for you to provide details and information, and not expect potential buyers to jump through hoops and do the legwork in order to have the privilege of purchasing from you.

Your location would help. I assumed China?

It would have helped if you gave us a link

No, Portland, Oregon.

Again, I'm an owner who is trying to sell just the one and only one XinTD flashlight that I recently purchased from I guest I never should have included that paypal button right up front.

Pictures are coming this evening.

Holy crap that's funny! I've been laughing at that for over a minute now. LMAO!

What’s the matter with you people? Aren’t you familiar with the XinTD? Surely you must already be aware of the famous Xin line of flashlights!

In fact, I'm laughing too looking at these ranting replies, thinking that some of you must have had too much fun with some scamming chinese sellers.

found one

This is a 3-mode C8: Hi-Med-Lo.

Please PM if you are interested.

My apologies Tigerfromsiberia. I mistook you for one of the daily chineese spammers.

Larry B.

No problem, didn't get a chance to take and post the pictures yesterday. I'm fully aware of the spammer problem.