xintd v5 c8 xpg2 (SOLD)

I’ve decided to offer up a custom build for a c8 because I’m always seeing people wanting a thrower and Rmm is out of stock (I did ask him if it was ok for me to sell this). This isn’t necessarily a budget light but it will smoke any stock light in it’s class.

I’ve got a new xintd v5 c8 I’m building for throw. I’ve modified the reflector to prevent shorts and allow the led to sit inside further. The pill has been sanded and polished smooth along with the star (the xpg sinkpad I was going to use before I decided to sell).

I’ll be using a sinkpad solely because it centers the led better with no centering ring. (for xpg2)

This will have added heatsinking and be fully potted.

I haven’t decided on a driver but you can choose a blf17dd or nanjg style with whatever current you’d like (qlite, regular, your own modes)

I’ll be adding a solarforce switch and braiding both springs for lower resistance.

You can choose between xpg2 s2 2b, r5 1a, r4 5a2

I can also make it with an xml2, U2 1a dedomed, t6 4c or u2 2c. (the xml will be on noctigon)

Asking 45usd shipped with the nanjg type driver or 50usd shipped with the blf17dd.

I do have two of these I can build but I think I’m going to keep one.

Reflector is mostly done in this picture. Kapton tape keeps stuff out.

This is the pill face.

This is the sinkpad I was planning on using.

I realize I should have probably built this before I put it up for sale but this way it’s more personalized. (that and I have more motivation when I’m building for someone else)

If you decide to buy this I’ll be sending pictures of the build and we can communicate via pm.

First I’ll take it followed by a pm gets it. It’ll probably take me a day or so to finish because I have most of the prep work done.

Edit: this also comes with a holster.

Thanks for looking.