Xiware M30A 3AA


not cheap.....

Link didn't work ..

Here you go

Thanks .

Very nice. Note to self: Boaz likes exactly the same lights I do please do not open anymore flashlight threads he posts unless you want to spend some cash.

I like the size and battery choice. I could do without the strobe, fins, and side switch would be nice.
However, I have to say that I don’t currently have a light with a bullet resistant lens as advertised in this light :slight_smile:

It looks nice, and will probably work with 26650's :)


I, too, lack a bullet resistant lens in any of my lights, what a great feature!!

So, we have tons of AA lights in market, 1x AA, 2x AA even long 3 x AA.

AA batteries are very widely used. At least AFAIK.

Millions of cheap 3 x AAA ledlights in EVERYWHERE. Bigger 3 x 18650 are getting on better and better.

Where is 3 x AA side-by-side ?

Only a handful of them a available. Too big? Yeah, for keychain maybe but not to be held in hand...

Too lousy weight/power ratio compared to li-ion? Yeah, but why there´s still so many 4x AA (PA40, LD40) 6 x AA and 8 x AA lights?!

Too hard to make them? Still fill the fleabay with 3 x AAA´s?

Honestly, a proper budget light on this segment, would it sell a lot or even more?

key selling point: the lens stops bullets from passing through it.

Hmmm what kind of bullet? Spring powered bb/pellet/dart gun kind of velocity, .22 shorts, 5.56, .50 cal? Need solid answers on this kind of spec…

Here..... you hold the light .

Ok hold my beer


you guys are hilarious

if I ever win the lotto I'll have to sponsor a BLF convention. Don't hold your breath (I don't buy tickets)

Looks very similar to Sunwayman lights.

Is that a ring to adjust levels and to turn on off too? Or is it done with a tailcap switch?

Really like it but can't justify when I already have the 600 lumens Sunwayman M40A

Most likely a lexan (plastic) lens. Lexan is considered bulletproof (when it is in 4" thick windows in cars).

14.Press the button again in any mode longer than 5 seconds, the

flashlight will be switched off. No need to press several times to be


Sounds like it's a clicky from that description. Doesn't make sense as usual.

I would buy it for $12. and free shipping.Smile

Here..... you hold the light .


I love it. Sounds like a Red Neck joke.

You know you're an extreme red neck is you have ever had a relative die shortly after saying these words, "Hey, watch this."

Quark Mini 123 (either the unobtainium S2 edition or the new high-CRI edition). Decent CR123’s can be had for $1. The way I use it, they can last me a year.

AA/AAA cells are a no-no in a dependable light… way to prone to have leaked before an inopportune moment.

Pushy buttons are a no-no in a pocket light… way to prone to get pushed when being carried.

It does have blinky modes, but you have to work to get to them.

Well, the actual quote is “Hold my beer, watch this…”