XLamp CMA3090 - Thoughts?

I’m considering buying a Cree CMA3090 to play with . I was originally going to get one of those mystery “100w” leds on amazon / ebay that seem to be popular on youtube, but they usually had a low cri or it was not displayed. Or they just suck sometimes?

Was thinking one of one of these drivers to power it off a 12v agm battery. Do yall think these drivers are a good choice?

I should be able to set the current of the driver by measuring voltage across a really beefy shunt resistor right? (than calculate current)
I guess people usually use a low oem resistor as to not interfere with things they measure, but for my application wouldn’t I use a higher ohm resistor to not damage the driver when testing?
Thanks, 8^)

You don’t really need a beefy shunt.

The max amperage of the XLamp CMA3090 is 3.6A at 48V.

Just start from boosting the voltage to 24V, and then slowly go up while measuring the current with a multimeter up to 48V.

Then, turn the amperage dial counter clock wise until you see the current starts to drop at the LED using the multimeter.