XM-L Available in November. 13 dollars. 3Amp drive current!


Looks like in November this monster is available.

Up to 3A drive current.

Price starts at 13 dollars (cheaper than I espected)

I want!

I want a lot!!!!

But at 25mm2 die? That's enormous - probably far too big for flashlight use with reflectors of less than half a metre in diameter.

No no, is a bit smaller than P7. So is a flooder, not a thrower

More info here http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=270517&highlight=cree

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the XML but I think that the consensus is: 4mm2 die, 5*5mm package foot print. XML1000-ish lumen @ 3A VS SST-50 1150-ish lumen @ 5A.

This means it ought to give very good results from existing P7 drivers and reflectors - hopefully without the heat. the efficiency at 3A won't be anywhere near the efficiency at 350mA though.

It sounds like it might make an excellent close up light (You want a very floody beam for that) that would run on an AAA for ages. An emitter swap in a Fenix E01 would be interesting with one of these. Many hours runtime and about 8x the output of an E01. Hopefully Fenix will do something like the E05 with incredible runtime unlike the present model.

125Deg View angle [ XM-L ]

125Deg View angle [ XP-G ]

100Deg View angle [ XR-E ]

I was hoping for a tighter XR-E angle on the emitter lens , so this will be interesting , never the less .. But the base is way to large ... To fit smaller CR123A EDC lights like the Akoray , we need this emitter on a 14mm base .

Some FL users maintain contact with cutter on the subject. The response of cutter was:

"Still waiting for 14mm Round PCB design to be finished, approx 1-2 weeks"

You can also view some exclusive field pics of XM-L led here.

Gracias for the update and pics, X. I've been waiting since April, I guess I can wait another few weeks.

SWEET! 14mm already! noice!

that makes me excited. XM-L Aurora V6 here i come!