XM-L T6 - P60 drop in DIY

OK got 2 XM-L T6 emitters from hong kong , Ive thrown one into a P60 pill , and low and behold , I dont have enough pills , only enough for one build , damn ..

Also got some emitters from Cutter , 3 x T6 and one more T5 since the first one was so impressive ..

Back to the P60 - T6 ... Using KD driver = http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=10995

And it pulls over 2A , I think I measured 2.3A and 700+ Lumen ..

There is a much better hotspot with the P60 pill than with the A20 [ small reflector ] , but not quite as good as with say a XP-G R5 ...

Id say the XR-E Still rules for throw , I will put the other Chinese supplied T6 into my HS802 [ pencil beam thrower with XR-E ] , it currently has a MC-E in it [ 400+ Lumen ] , and see what happens ... [ That still leaves me with 3 more T6's and a T5 , but they will have to wait for some P60 parts ]

Back to the P60 ... Beamshots tonight ... Should throw better than the A20 and looks like the skies are clearing up [ better beamshots ]

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I am anxious. So with wider reflector, more throw, and viceversa, less diameter reflector more flood?

Planning to do the same with the same driver on the mail. But I ordered one T5 on 20mm star and a T6 on a 16mm circle board. P60 drop-in allows only 16mm and below, doesn't it?

I wonder if I should buy a set on 14mm boards from Cutter. I don't know if they really suit for every light I have. They may have useless beams on previously good throwers with XR-E's or could XR-G's be better for smaller lights up to 1000mA output, any thoughts?

P60 drop in handles 16mm and down ...... [ YES ]

Will test in a thrower shortly to see what happens ... I put a MC-E into my HS-802 [ Nice , but the quad leaves a big X ] , and I will put in a XM-L T6 to see what happens .

http://www.makeagif.com/TFRbAP Comparison gif ... BLF Y4E [ 14500 ] , A20 XM-L T5 , and my Solarforce L2x with the XM-L T6 [ from Hong Kong ]

Les dia ??? Shorter not so deep , not so wide [ Worked well with the XR-E though ] , I think someone is going to have to work on reflector angles etc to see about focusing the XM-L ...

26mm might not be enough , might need to go up to 40mm DIA to focus the beam , and create a hot spot .. Wont be a P60 host any longer ..

Might need to try a smooth reflector ..

Results of "Solarforce L2x with the XM-L T6" incredible!

@old4570: how about heat and P60 dropins? It generates less heat than P7 of course, but.....

...and which would be a better heatsinking P60 host? A Seraph copy, SF L2P or L2X, or other?

I were just thinking this whole p60 system was weak in everyway except modularity but I can change my mind easily. SolarForce bodies start appealing me :)

I have quite some p60 hosts . The best heat wise is the commonly called skyray, probably just because it has a greater surface even with a little less mass than a solarforce clone which is basicly identical. The worse but not very much would be an 501B by my experience. To back it up, it has slightly less mass and surface compared to others. But we are talking a few degrees here... Unfortunately i don't own (yet) a contactless thermometer but perhaps i'll get one some day.

Not nearly as bad as SSC P7 / MC-E / or SST 50 ....

I.ll do a side bye side comparison ....

OK , after about 10 minutes , THE SAME !

Both lights have similar current draw , and the heat seems also about the same ... So as far as heat ???

But your looking at 500 VS 700 at similar current levels ... ...

I will make another gif ....


Not a fair comparison , as the picture taken for the T6 was under much better conditions ... Anyhow , SSC P7's VS T6 [ P60 ]

OLD4570 I really want to see that xm-l in hs-802! I can't wait for pictures!

Me too me too!

Me too , hopefully will get it done tomorrow .... I was impressed with it moded to MC-E , so hopefully it will be nice with the XM-L

So many projects , so little time , so close to Christmas .

I want to see that one too - it might help me get around to doing something with my HS-802 which was very firmly glued indeed.

I did the HS 802 , It has a nice beam , A tight hotspot and very bright spill ..

Output is around 530L , the hotspot runs about 15000Lux @ 1 meter ...

I thought the output down a little , but it is a different driver [ efficiency ? ] Also didnt glue the emitter in place [ Thermal transfer ? ] though I used thermal paste

I will take some white wall shots .... [ beams tonight ]

http://www.makeagif.com/XL2px3 Didnt turn out nearly as nice as I would have liked , Dark green outer ring is HS802 [ dont worry , effect is all the camera ]

But there is a nice small spot that stays small ...

Outdoors tonight ...

I tried a bunch of different reflectors and whilst they changed the beam a little , there was no real improvement to throw , 9000+ Lux @ 1meter [ T6 in P60 ]

I was hoping that it would do a lot better than that. Ah well, maybe just stick an R2 back in mine and a 1400mA driver.