XM-L U2 on copper from led-tech.de


I would be interested in buying 2 or 3, is anyone else also interested?
They seem to be on sale, if you fiddle with the website you can get better pricing, when i went from the cart back to the page it was even cheaper, and the price keeps changing, i’ve seen from 5.something to 9.90 each
The problem is even with google translate, not everything converts to english, especially images with text in them.
If there is enough interest maybe one person could order a bunch and send them to forum members who want to buy them? Any takers, especially someone who can understand the german?

What part is what you don’t understand? When I press that english flag on top part of the page, I get everything in english? Photos seem to have english translations as well for that product.

If you need something translated...

Tried to buy one and with shipping: Invoice amount: 18,76 €

These below are better options…


Yeah, but they’re not on copper. :frowning:

I do want a few, but I’d rather hold out for the XM-L2 on copper.

This is why i think this is the best option

These graphs convince me this is a superior way to use this LED

XM-L U2 on copper

Mind you i would also like to get the XM-L2 on this board, but do we know if it will be offered?
This has a high shipping cost, hence my idea of one person ordering a bunch.

I bought two a couple of months back and they are definitely the best XM-L MCPCBs you can get at the moment.

Considering how long it took them to put up XP-G2s for sale (which just appeared over the past few days), I’d guess that they won’t have the XM-L2 on that MCPCB for at least a couple of months (that is if they decide to offer it, which they should :bigsmile: ).

Another option for copper MCPCBs is at Niviss , though I’m quite sure there is still a dialectric layer under the thermal pad, so it’s performance still won’t be as good as led-tech.de’s copper MCPCB. Also, they are based in Poland so shipping will still probably be killer.

I agree with you both, I want a few of these too, but it is very expensive.

1pcs XM-L U2 on copper pcb for $25, nearly as expensive as a decent flashlight.

Also, I do not really want to drive these beautiful leds :heart_eyes: over 3500 mA even if they are on copper or not :slight_smile:

i’m using 3 of these i’m my tripple mag build and i have to say they are very nice, very good quality.

Interesting....their copper mounted output graph matches my results earlier this year quite closely....

Were we ever meant to doubt your results? You are the man Match. (I assume you are a guy).

Your right, i never compared them, but i thought you ground off the back of your emitter before installation and testing?