XM-L2 LED change (Olight S15)

I am thinking to try an LED change in one of my Olight S15, the one with the most green light… :smiley:

No reflow, complete MCPCB change, which LEDs are possible?

I think SST-40 should work, but only in CW available.

Any NW alternatives which will work also?

Hum, independetly of the led you wanna try careful when modding!
This was what happened to me recently when I attemped an LED swap:

I gained a super loooow moonlight instead of the normal moonlight of the S1R!

Thx, for warning.

After reading some old threads it looks like it is not possible to completly disassemble the light without damaging the switch… :open_mouth:

Mhmm, maybe better leave it original…

I have done several Olight LED swaps. Not easy but worth it afterwords. I have only had the driver out of a couple, not worth the effort and time. That is a reflector model, I would try to stay with the same size die for the best results. Although I did install a 219B in mine and love it. If you do one with a TIR, you really must stay with the same size die. The beam gets really ugly artifact wise if you go to a smaller die.

How hard is it to get the bezel off? The S15 has that inset bezel with about 6 notches. I’ve wondered if there’s a special tool for this or if something common can be used to take it off without damaging the anodizing.

Personally, I don’t think there’s much value in replacing the emitter, but I’m thinking of installing a minus green filter under the glass.

Uhm, managed to destroy the front glas of the S15 at disassembling… :blush:

Does anyone know the thickness and diameter of the glas?