XM-L2 on 20mm copper $5.40 free shipping.

XM-L2 on 20mm copper $5.40 free shipping.


Cool thanks for letting us know that. I went to their site and didn’t see that option.

dont these stars still have the di electric layer? rather than the direct copper bond of sinkpads/Noctigon

I don’t know the answer to that one. Does it make a huge difference?

That is the whole point.

They have that middle trace that shows it's a dielectric type design.

Have people tested both of them to see how much of a difference there is? Are these any better at all from Aluminum or not?


Any point upgrading stock XM-L U2 lights to these?

From what I can see XM-L2 T6 is about similar output to XM-L U3 bin. Only real benefit being these are on copper and could dissipate heat better or be driven harder correct?

That compares traditional AL to direct copper, but not relevant to the pseudo-copper boards with a dielectric layer.

I'd say the pseudo-copper will be better than AL enough for it to show up in testing data, but the difference between them will be miniscule compared to the direct copper boards.

I sent them a message.

I compared a regular MCPCB vs a copper PCPCB with an XML2 T6 in an L2

Ceiling bounce with the T6 was a 65, with the copper it was 67.

3.4A KD driver.

Only CW T6 bin, and cheapo copper mcpcb with insulation layer.
Ill pass this “deal”…

My general advice:
Non-budget. Buy better emitter (higher bin or better tint/cri) and combine with Noctigon/Sinkpad.

Budget. XM-L U3 from FT, down towards 4$. Combine with Noctigon.

Lazy budget looking for cheap brightness. XM-L U3 mounted on aluminium. Down towards 4$ from FT.