XML-2 4A 2D Purple Maglite

From the image below you can see I have a few 2D Maglites. One by one they are each getting modded with something different.
For example, DX drop in Maglite Mod and MR16 3x3W Maglite Mod

In this thread I will walk you through one of my latest Maglite Mods using a Purple 2D, H22A heatsink, XM-L2 on noctigon, LED battery monitor and a 2x Li-ion driver which will allow me a wider range of battery configurations.

First we start by dissembling the host and cutting the switch down to size.

I am using a H22A heatsink which save making my own and they are well known and not badly priced.

As I wanted to use thicker wires than those on the driver as standard the heatsink needed to have the holes enlarged.

The LED was adhered to the heatsink using a two part thermal adhesive. (sorry no photo)

Once the battery monitor was set up for 2x Li-ion use it was time to assemble the switch and connect it up to the driver and LED. The driver was a three mod (L/M/H) 3A which was resistor modded to put out 4A.

After this it was just a matter of assembling into the Maglite host.

Close up on battery monitor. Drilling the hole wasn’t great as was by hand. Plan is to neaten it up with a pillar drill then use a grommet to finish off the look.

Next to its brothers.

I plan to add some beam shots later on. I apologize that there aren’t more images with other details as this project has taken about 6-7 months doing one thing at a time in between uni work. Any comments / questions welcome.

Thanks for viewing and have a nice day.

Thanks for sharing, looks like a well done mod, and the battery monitor is a nice extra!

2 questions.

Did you use a stock maglite led/Incan reflector and just cut it up higher instead of using a 14mm star and only cutting off the reflector alignment tube?

Does it have good hotspot focus? From what I’ve read not using 14mm star and cutting the reflector up higher makes the beam ‘bleh’, but I’ve yet to see any comparison shots.

I used a 16mm copper noctigon to its thermal properties which meant I had to cut a bit more off the bottom of the standard reflector. I actually get quite a good focus then the LED is just within the bottom of reflector.


Looks gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

Which cells do you use with these 2D lights?

planning on using two 26650 IMR cells and making a sleeve to line the body to decrease the internal diameter which will reduce battery rattle. At the moment i’m using a customized battery carrier and 6 eneloops. All the connections and pathways in the carrier are copper to reduce resistance.

Very nice mod!

I second what RaceR said. Sweet mod. Oh. And welcome :-)

Thanks guys! Appreciate it. Been watching threads on here for a while, there’s some great things happening around here.

Hi welcome and what a mod. Quick question. What is the switch on the end of the original switch housing used for under the voltage LED?

Its part of the voltage monitor, using the switch you can change what the voltage range for whats fully charged and run flat. Different battery configurations for Li-ion or Ni-MH

Can you provide links to the driver and battery monitor you used?


Cool, looking forward to seeing beamshots if you get time.

@Stephen Wallace
Battery monitor


Cheers - much appreciated.

Very cool mod, i like it :slight_smile:

Love those mag mods, great work!

In an attempt to please my audience last night, as it wasn’t raining like it normally does in Bangor, I went out in the effort to take some beam shots comparing my different Maglite mods. I even managed to convince two of my house mates to come out with us and help, they didn’t really take that much convincing after I told them they could play around with my torches! :wink: I had managed to take a selection of photos to post on here, but unfortunately I had made a school boy error, as it was too dark for my camera to auto focus I switched it over to Manual but didn’t actually focus it onto anything, so after all my efforts all of the photos are so blurred you get no feeling of depth making them useless! :frowning: I shall attempt to better myself again and get you all the beam shots you want tonight providing the weather isn’t it’s normal horrid self.