xml2 announced!!!!

I can’t wait to see some new throwers with this


Awesome! Woot Woot! C'mon International Outdoor - get 'em in stock!


Thanks for sharing the info!

hmmm Only “two wires” inside the led, powering the die??? the XML has 3 or I am wrong?

Does the die looks more “orange” than yellow? and no “lines” dividing the die¿¿

that’s awesome

super information!!!

Looks like it will rock out world in the near future!!!

Does it have better throw similar to XP-G vs XP-G2?

Same size die… meaning easy upgrade for all our lights… hoho $)

Dont know if this helps out but both datasheets show a viewing angle of 125.

which is the same, right?

so 20% more output will mean ?% higher surface brightness…and more throw

now, if they would just make red and green xml2s I’d be ecstatic


1200 lumens at 3A sounds like a lot to me!

and if you prefer, run at ~20% lower amperage and get longer runtime instead…

I have been waiting for these to come out!!!

Cool, now I’m glad I haven’t bought any new xml lights lately.

Can’t wait to see Match bench test these to 5A J)

There, fixed that for ya! :)


Hahah fair enough.

Wow, 2.85v forward voltage at 700mA. That’s pretty great!

YAY… Great news!

Great link, thanks.

Please have a look at their data on over-driving LEDs:


Always good to see improved LEDs appearing.

Nice! But a little bummed about all the current lights that I just paid for - some of which are still in the mail on the way to me - now being just a little bit outdated!

That settles it… I’m not going to buy a 3-D TV yet, I’m waiting for 4-D to come out! :wink: —KarRacer31