If the specs are correct they should both be very similar colour/tint at 7A3, but the U2 from KD is a few bins brighter than the T4 from Convoy.

I suspect the reason for this is that the XM-L2 in the KD pics look like the recently updated version of the XM-L2 whereas the one available from Convoy one looks like the original XM-L2.

This is the only info i’ve seen on the new XM-L2 which indicates quite a few differences between the two versions, and it’s not a given that the beam from both would look the same:

BlueSwordM posted a link the to PDF for the newer version in post 18 which i will include here for your convenience:

Not really helping on the tint front. But I don’t think I’d replace and XM-L2 with an XM-L2.

XP-L HI would probably be my pick. Or maybe even an SST-20 or 40 depending on the driver you have.

Are you reflowing or is it multi LED? If not you should still be able to go smaller LED I’d guess?