XML2 U4 Bins

i have a xml2-U4-1C binned led that im planning on driving at 5.5A or so. but before i do im not sure if i had read that the newer bins dont take well to overdriving like the older bins did. So if anyone knows if im still good to drive the U4 binned XML at 5.5A let me know. thanks

Are you using a buck driver with more than one battery in series?

im using a h6 flex driver, using 5 26650 in series.

I can hook one up to my power supply and test one for you if you like. I had the problem with some XML-U2 leds that I still have a few of that I'm lucky to get 2 amps out of a 3 amp 7135 driver. I was also using the same taskled driver with 5 batteries in series running three of the XML-U2 leds in series when I was having issues. I settled on from memory 5.5 amps max per led.

yeah that would be good, but dont go blowing up leds for me lol… i only have one xml2 left in my stock for now before i order new ones and im building a aspheric mag for a friend so id like to be able to give it back to him in a timely manner so id prefer not to blow my last XML with 5.5A if i dont have to.

From memory 5.5 amps was maximum before they went pop. What the maximum current is on your U4 I dont know. I do know that the XPL are far better for running at high currents than the XML-2.

yes well that was my next option…i was thinking of going for a drive to cutter later this week to buy some XPL HI for this build and be done with it… i figure that was going to be the better outcome for this build. hes just going to have to wait until i can get down there.

If you cant do it Cutter also have copper stars and will mount the led to it for you. I picked a couple of XPL leds higher binned that are not advertised yet up the other day. Mark (the owner) is a nice guy and is really helpful.

What happened to the XM-L2?
Did it blow? or does it resist the 5.5 Amps?