XP-G Thrower?

Anyone have one? I know XP-E emitters throw further, but XP-Gs put out more light.

This one looks as if it could throw - http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.33782, but http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.35075 is cheaper, and I have a spare P60 SMO reflector. Bad reviews of it burning out though - maybe if I 'tin foiled' the drop in, it would be okay. Any other suggestions for a budget XP-G thrower?

The first one's reflector ought to offer more throw but I'm not convinced the reflector has changed at all since Luxeon 3 days so it may not offer all that much throw. A P60 reflector swap is straightforward and worth a try. I have a few R5 dropins with OP reflectors so will try swapping in a smooth one to see what happens.

Well, I tried but the threads on the reflector are different and it wouldn't even centre the LED properly.

Something like an HS-802 with an LED swap would probably do better but they are a huge pain to take apart.

Yeah, I read your HS-802 thread and somehow don't feel so keen trying that mod :D

I own two hs-802. Both are not glued and they have a sick throw out of the box!

Ok, I bought an ultrafire 501 XP-5 5 mode torch from Kaidomain - ~$13. When it arrives, i'll swap the reflector and see.

I have that one. It throws pretty well, more so than my 501B MCE and 504B R2. It still doesn't throw as well as my zooming lights though.

Great - should throw further with SMO reflector then. A DBS-like head would be optimal, really. I find the deep reflectors yield real tiny hotspots.

In my 501B I had a R2 plugin with op reflector. I bought a SMO reflector and swopped them.

Now its a very good shrower. Better than any other P60 I have. Now it has a nice tiny but

very bright hotspot which throws very far. A little ringy, but all Cree´s are like that.

Like midieval10 I have some zooming lights which throws even further than the 501B

It was cloudy one night and I decided to play with my MXDL SA-28 and X2000. These lights both hit the clouds. I could see the square emitter illuminating the clouds

And where are the pics?

Pics are in my head. Do you think I can connect a USB cable and download them?

The clouds!? I don't believe you.

LOL. I'm not making it up! I was shining my green laser pointer and it hit the clouds too. I'll take a picture next time when it's cloudy to make you believers.

With the cloud level here last night I could just about have illuminated them with a match.

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