XP-G2 or XP-L?

I recently bought a UniqueFire UF-1405

I want to make it to have to most throw.
Should I use a dedomed XP-G2 or a dedomed XP-L?

Since I am using an aspheric lens instead of a reflector, what I want is the exact opposite of what reflectors need for throw. So people that are experienced with reflectors please don’t jump to conclusions too fast.

- First off, XP-L can push more lumens. (I am not concerned for efficiency)
Both emitters on their highest bins
XPL_@ 1.5A = 566 (an increase of 15.98%)
XPG2_@ 1.5A = 488

- Second, the XPL and XPG2 have the same emitter size. So the Luminance or surface brightness of the XPL will be higher than the XPG2 at their respective drive current.

- Third, is the distribution of the light based on the angle. I have asked casually before on which is the better emitter for throw in general, and I have been told that XPG2 is still the better choice because of the angle. I looked up the angle the emitters produce:
Note: These ratings are when they are domed.

I just estimated an angle of 30degrees on both sides because the lens on that light is around 70mm in diameter which is a pretty big.
If they are dedomed, would they be the same or would it still follow that curve?

Another question is the image produced. XML1 and XPG1 have very ugly images produced for aspherics if focused because they have lines that produce rectangles. XPG2 and XML2 have much more decent images when focused. I am just wondering if images produced by a XPL good or not.

I try to understand the math used by DrJones in his post about optics: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/13495
Thank you for reading. I hope you can help me out (:

XP-L and XP-G2 have the same footprint but the die size of the XP-L is more than twice that of the XP-G2. So the XP-G2 wins in surface brightness. For the XP-L to reach the maximum surface brightness of the XP-G2 it needs more than 12A, but it blows at 8A.

ohhh, the die size is different! LOL I just assumed the die would shrink in size proportion to the foorprint. Thank you for clearing things up!
Thanks djozz